Can algorithms help you time the real estate cycle?

Posted on April 5, 2019 in Posts by Zoe Hughes

Data management is the biggest challenge facing real estate investment managers, according to members attending NAREIM’s Innovation Summit this week.

Half of all members revealed they were looking to innovation to help solve internal data challenges, not least the integration, warehousing and cleaning of data across the entire firm in order to better use data for trend analysis and prediction.

While a majority of firms are focused on integrating data sources into one central repository, members at the meeting also discussed how prioritizing data and computer-aided research in the investment decision-making process can help firms analyze real estate opportunities with more granularity and precision – and provide additional cyclical analysis to help better time specific opportunities.

The Innovation Summit heard from investment managers, REITs, venture capital investors and consultants as to how they are addressing innovation inside the commercial real estate corporation. Among the key pieces of advice were: