HR 2015 Report: Can HR Lead the Future for REIM’s?

Posted on September 30, 2015 in Viewpoints by Admin

“The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings.”
– Alfred Marshall


_L2A5903125 years after Mr. Marshall’s statement from Principals of Economics, many are still trying to figure out just how to put that economic principal to work. It’s almost a popular sport for many to complain about Human Resources departments, their processes, bureaucracy, and views on corporate culture. A recent cover story in the Harvard Business Review declared in bold black and red lettering that, “It’s Time to Blow Up HR and Build Something New.” That headline may be overstated, but in a time of changing worker demographics, technologies and economics, it certainly speaks to a pressing need to improve the way we invest in human beings.

Fortunately, the leaders that gathered in August of 2015 for the NAREIM HR Meeting shared abundant ideas, insights, and passion to help real estate investment management teams thrive in the years ahead. The following report addresses a few of the discussions that took place, specifically: how can we better identify, recruit, retain and empower the next generation of real estate investment management leaders?

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