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Dedicated to business and organizational strategies within real estate investment management – both the benchmarking of and the sharing of best practices for 

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In association with Ferguson Partners, NAREIM produces four proprietary research reports on the following:

  • Compensation

  • Org strategy & EBITDA margins

  • DEI

  • Defined Contribution (DC) capital raising & structruing


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how to quantify esg?

The way to start quantifying sustainability improvements at the asset and portfolio-level could be to move away from a payback equation to one that instead measures value creation tied to annual savings and the stabilized cap rate.


During NAREIM's 2024 Sustainability Meeting, held in March, members discussed ways to quantify ESG initiatives, such as building above code, retrofitting LED lights, energy and water efficiency upgrades, tenant engagement programs and solar.

How was it done? 

  • Using a simple formula of annual savings divided by the current stabilized cap rate of an asset, the firm was able to compare and contrast the cost of efficiency retrofits, developing above code requirements and tenant engagement programs around energy conservation, with annual savings and the value created by the improvements.

NAREIM members can read the Sustainability meeting takeaways and access presentations and downloads by clicking below.,


Candid, peer-to-peer conversations and best practice sharing through in-person meetings and virtual roundtables across 11 functional groups: 

Architecture, Engineering & Development

Asset Management

Capital Raising & IR

Data & Information Management


Executive Officer

Legal, Compliance & Risk

Marketing & Communications

Portfolio Management


Talent Management

"As Voya started down the road of being a third party CML manager one of the first steps we took was to join NAREIM. The forums, research and peer interaction has been invaluable to us and helped in our current success to date.""

greg Michaud

Head of real estate, voya investment management


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latest news

AI Unleashed


March 25, 2024

NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellow on developments in artificial intelligence that have the potential to re-shape the future of real estate. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

An Expanding Opportunity


March 25, 2024

Cerulli Associates on how intermittent liquidity products present real estate investment managers with a new avenue of gathering capital via retail channels. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

Why U.S. Real Estate Now


March 25, 2024

Rockpoint Group on how real estate offers opportunities for managers that actively enhance cash flows to increase property values in selected sectors. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

Proptech's Evolution


March 25, 2024

RealPage on how real estate investment managers with Proptech portfolios face challenges in the current high interest rate environment, but also opportunities for leadership and expansion. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue Is Out


March 25, 2024

NAREIM’s Spring 2024 issue of Dialogues highlights building and operating a retail capital capability and what managers should know about accessing this channel. Download the latest edition here.

Insurability Through Property Resilience Data


March 25, 2024

Partner Engineering and Science on how fine-tuning resilience assessments and providing proper data to insurers could ease insurance challenges for commercial real estate investors. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

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