Sep 15, 2:00 PM
Location is TBD

NAREIM's 2022 Acquisitions meeting will be complimentary and held in-person in New York City.

Meeting format: 

  • Open-mic Q&A with NAREIM members and keynote plus networking hour

  • Morning and afternoon virtual sessions focused on member case studies and expert analysis

    • All sessions will involve:

    • Whole room Q&A among members

    • Small group, breakout room discussion and shared white board collaboration

    • Best practice report back 

  • In-person regional roundtable connections with 8-10 people. Note social distancing and Covid-19 safety protocols must be followed at all times.


Our agenda for the Acquisitions meeting is coming soon....

(here is the agenda from the previous meeting)

Tuesday, January 19


All times are Eastern time

How much of your acquisitions and dispositions process will remain via desktop through 2021 and beyond? When the deal hits your pipeline, how are you achieving conviction?


The session will include three group discussions:


The Acquisitions and Dispositions process:

From deal launch with OM, T-12 and rent rolls through to screening, underwriting, IC, offers, due diligence, closing and implementation of the business plan and hold-sell decisions – members review the typical Acquisitions and Dispositions process and discuss how 2021 will impact each of your day-to-day roles, and how much of your work will remain via the desktop. 

  • Questions:

    • Current state. What elements of the deal life cycle is remote and where are members returning to normal?

    • Outlook for 2021. What are member corporation travel restrictions and return to office rules looking like?

    • Post-vaccine. With Covid-19 vaccinations likely each year, what could be the long-term changes we all see with the deal-life cycle process.

      • What elements can remain smart (remote/hybrid remote)?

      • What elements of the investment process and life cycle need to remain in person?


New Data: Novel analytics and real-time data feeds.

With parts of the Acquisitions and Dispositions process remaining on the desktop for longer than anticipated, members discuss how they’re utilizing new sources and categories of data 

  • Questions

    • Where are you looking? What new categories of data are proving interesting?

      • LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, cell phone data

    • Which traditional data sources have proved effectively and reliable through 2020?

    • How are members back-testing new data to understand the performance of new data against historical actuals?


Conviction. What does it take to close on the deal today?

You’d have the conviction to close on a distribution center in the Inland Empire Property – but what about a Class B+ office in downtown San Francisco? 

  • Questions:

    • What demand drivers are you looking to, whether you are an equity or debt player – or bot

    • How are you getting comfortable underwriting an equity check and/or originating loans? 

    • Where do you ee the greatest risk in 2021 – and in 3-5 years time?


2022 pLanning committee members

Jeff Hammond, Alidade Capital

Scott McKibben, Brennan Investment Group

Ari Abramson, Continental Realty

David Thomson, MultiGreen Properties

Derrick McGavic, Newport Capital

Bob Geiger & Justin Lia, Partner Engineering and Science

John Seaton & Jim Valente, RealFoundations

Haley Cox, UBS Realty Investors


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