Join NAREIM's Acquisitions Management meeting to discuss with peers the realities of asset valuations - and practical strategies for improving budgeting and reporting in response Covid and beyond.

Through virtual roundtable discussions, candid group conversations and presentations, members share insights into the deal pipeline and underwriting - and explore the strategies surrounding active asset management.


Day One - Tuesday, January 19


All times are Eastern time


3pm: Welcome comments

  • Stina Dakers, Head of programming, NAREIM


Underwriting deals: how much can truly be done from the desktop post-Covid?


We’ve conducted virtual tours, due diligence and online analysis during Covid, but how will transactions teams work – day-in-day-out – going forward? How will Covid shape, in the longer-term, not just how we underwrite deals, but how we conduct market and property type analytics. Through case studies and breakout groups, NAREIM members share stories about new ways of working where they’ve found success during our hybrid-remote world – and where things have failed to deliver. 


The session will include:

  • Case studies: Novel analytics and real-time data feeds.

    • From LinkedIn to Facebook, Uber and cell phone data, what new sources of data are being utilized to aid analysis on population and job growth, market and property type performance, and help provide a competitive edge in the search for deals?

    • What has back-testing of the new data revealed about its performance against historical actuals?

  • Breakout group discussions of no more than 6 people

    • Questions include:

    • What elements of the underwriting and due diligence process can be conducted, in the longer-term, via the desktop?

    • What new data sources are proving valuable to your underwriting?

    • What elements can be smart (and remote/hybrid remote) today?

    • What elements of the investment process and life cycle need to remain in person?

  • Feedback session. Breakout group leaders take notes and share them through the chat function with the wider group before reporting back to the whole room on their key takeaways.


Day Two - Wednesday, January 20


All times are Eastern time

3pm: Welcome comments 

  • Stina Dakers, Head of Programming, NAREIM

Conviction. What does it take to close on the deal today?


Conviction – the equity perspective:

You’d have the conviction to close on a distribution center in the Inland Empire Property – but what about a Class B+ office in downtown San Francisco? What does it take to have conviction in certain property types today? And what demand drivers are you looking to?

  • Format: Through old-school debate, NAREIM members present their cases for and against two scenarios for office and retail – with the goal of having to persuade the membership of their case, and their conviction.


Conviction – the debt perspective:

Where do the lenders find their conviction in today’s environment? What does the future of key property types and markets look like from their viewpoint? How are they getting comfortable originating loans? Where do they see the greatest risk in 2021 – and in 3-5 years time?

  • Format: Whole room conversation followed by breakout group discussions of no more than 6 people


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2020-21 pLanning committee members

Chair: Ari Abramson, Continental Realty Corporation

Tess Gruenstein, Bailard

Dan Ethridge, The Brookdale Group

Elizabeth Peacock, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ross Berry, New York Life Real Estate Investors

Gary Cohn, Partner Engineering & Science

Ian Christ, PGIM Real Estate 

Tim Bodner, PwC

Ram Odedra, UBS

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