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DEI: Vendor Due Diligence
Jun 06, 12:00 PM EDT


Supply chain & vendor DEI 

Due diligence, data collection & recruitment

June 6, 12pm ET


As NAREIM members - and the world - track and monitor diversity, equity and inclusion metrics, attention is turning to the supply chain and vendor diversity. Not least from your institutional investors.

As LPs ask more questions relating to vendor diversity and how managers are tracking it - NAREIM members asked to come together to share insights and best practices covering what data is being collected by GPs, how due diligence processes are adapting in light of LP DDQs and examples of successes in increasing diversity among vendors/service providers.



  • 12pm: Welcome comments


  • 12.20pm: Vendor due diligence process - what is changing and what is having an impact?

    • Whole room conversation led by Vadim Blikshteyn, CFO, Torchlight Investors and Michele Kelly, Corporate Social Responsibility, Torchlight Investors:

      • MWDBE vendor selection and due diligence practices

      • What is changing? What is working - and not working?

      • Data collection challenges. Where are you having challenges collecting MWDBE vendor data? How are you communicating those challenges?

      • Open time for member questions


  • 1pm: End of virtual meeting


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