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30 best pieces of advice-Part 1

Real estate leaders share the best pieces of advice they have received, how it influenced them personally and professionally, and what advice they offer their teams today. 


CEO, Principal Real Estate Investors


The most impactful business advice I’ve received was on my first day of real estate industry employment, June 10, 1985 at age 22, from a gentleman, Bill Knowles, who was Head of Real Estate for Bankers Life, predecessor to the Principal Financial Group. It was simple guidance involving fiduciary responsibility, humility and to never forget that you are investing the money of others — their savings, capital for emergencies and retirement funds. It was advice all of us have likely received at some point. However, receiving it on day one, from someone who’s seat you would occupy three and a half decades later, makes it special. For me, it provided a pillar and foundation in client and fiduciary service that resonates as strongly within our office walls today as it did in 1985. In fact, I’m very sure that the credit culture and values stressed by our various leaders has driven the subsequent success we’ve achieved as an organization.

Along with the fiduciary advice above, I stress that our mission is to be our clients’ “most trusted and valued” real estate advisor. If we achieve those two factors, other business, financial and professional objectives should ultimately fall into place. The path to trust and value creation can originate in every interaction, but is only enforced in consistently listening, creating solutions, anticipating disruption and generating excess performance overtime. we are all stewards of a special credit- and client-centric culture that is driven and thrives by our actions each day.

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