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6 steps to an inclusive culture post-Covid

NAREIM Dialogues Fall 2021 issue

October 25, 2021

The institutional real estate investment industry has recently seen positive momentum in the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

For the most part, these efforts have focused on recruiting and hiring in order to create a more diverse workforce. Now we need to continue the forward momentum by creating an environment that fosters inclusion in the workplace via a conscious integration of DEI principles into an organization’s corporate culture. 

As companies look to bring back employees into the physical office, they should take this opportunity to highlight inclusion as part of their re-entry plan and to establish and/or improve on elements of DEI within their company’s daily practice. Belay Investment Group's Eliza Bailey and Kelsey Harstad discuss six ideas to help promote a more inclusive culture, including:

  1.  Establishing a clear path to promotion

  2.  Mentorship programs

  3.  Fostering unity through common interests

  4.  Celebrating diversity

  5.  Recruitment efforts

  6.  Being flexible

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