60% of LPs don't get the data they really want on tenancy, fees, debt and fund performance.

According to new research, managers need to step up their reporting game and fix issues such as frequency, formatting, transparency and even the actual data provided to win investor commitments with Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square.

Key highlights from the research includes:

  • Most LPs approve of how their GPs are managing their investments, but LPs spend too much time chasing after the data they need in the format they want. 

  • Only one in seven LPs receive “good data in a timely manner” on their real estate investments. A majority noted that, after quarter end, it often takes three months or more for managers to provide aggregate portfolio data for the preceding quarter. 

  • Not a single LP told us that they are getting all of the data they would like to receive. Nearly 40% report that they get much better data about their investments in other asset classes. Roughly 60% believe that the data they are getting from their real estate managers is insufficient. 

  • Better property performance data is the number one request, with every LP asking for more or better data on tenancy, fees, debt and fund performance. 

  • Across the board, LPs want technology that improves the presentation of data and clarifies investment costs and performance.

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First published in NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2021, published in association with IREI.