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85% of managers report increasing expenses; 1 in 4 by more than 10%

NAREIM Executive Officer meeting. Presentations

Oct 14, 2022

During the NAREIM Executive Officer meeting, members discussed a variety of issues including compensation and margin trends; which compensation model proves most effective - and which one doesn't; digital assets and how to creative digital strategies drive consumers to your tenants and help recruit your own talent; how to deal with existing assets in a Net Zero world and the carbon-free perspective of tenants; expectations to valuations from the current capital markets; leadership with a purpose and finding your personal mission statement.

  • Click here to view the agenda.

  • Click below to view presentations from the meeting. 

  • The attendee list can be accessed here.


  • Compensation Models & Design: An eye to recruitment & retention. With Ferguson Partners

This presentation has been sent directly to attendees of the 2022 Executive Officer meeting. To gain access, email Zoe Hughes, NAREIM CEO

  • Net Zero is an impossible target. How do you do it? What’s the discount if you fail?

Discussing tools and strategies to hit net zero with existing and older assets, particularly Class B, and understanding when you call it quits on decarbonizing/greening them. With JLL and BentallGreenOak.

Presentations from:

Ailey Roberts, Vice President, Sustainable Investing, BentallGreenOak
Cynthia Curtis, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, JLL

Hands-on workshop with YSC coaches focused on professional development and skills training, where your purpose as leaders comes front and center. Presentation by Lizzette Lima, Director, YSC and Brian Wellman, Director, Head of Consulting, YSC. Download the presentation here.

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