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Handling extreme weather, embodied carbon and getting better at contracts

NAREIM Architecture & Engineering Meeting: Presentations

Sept 21, 2022

During the NAREIM Architecture & Engineering meeting, members discussed a variety of issues including resiliency in the face of rising sea levels and nuisance flooding, mitigating environmental challenges now and in the future, benchmarking embodied carbon, preparing for extreme weather and hazard prep, new resiliency assessments and how to craft better contracts.

Click here to view the agenda.

Click below to view presentations from the meeting. The attendee list can be accessed below.

In this presentation, NAREIM members reviewed key components and milestones of the Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG) standard and discussed how to make waterfront projects resilient, ecologically-sound, and accessible. Download the presentation here. 

In this session, members discussed legal risk mitigation strategies, covering landowner liability protections; PLL policies; identifying costly liabilities. Download the presentation here. View the case study here.

NAREIM members heard from a developer, an engineer and a general contractor about their experiences when tracking embodied carbon. Download presentation slides here and here.

Interactive discussion highlighting the latest advances in qualitative and quantitative climate risk modeling, plus ASTM's proposed three-stage process of assessing hazards, vulnerabilities, and resiliency measures, which may hold the key to managing climate-related losses.  Download the presentation here.

Case studies: Members review TGM Associates resiliency strategies for extreme weather. Download the TGM presentation here.

Members discussed different approaches taken across different regions of the U.S. on hazard prep and how seismic and other hazard risk analyses impacted budgeting and capital plans, and how the process of analyzing risk differs by property type.

The attendee list for the Architecture & Engineering meeting can be downloaded here. 

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