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How is real estate's C-suite rethinking DEI, return and retention, demand, compensation and benefits?

NAREIM Executive Officer meeting presentations

October 8, 2021

The NAREIM Executive Officer meeting discussed pathways to making real estate a more diverse, equitable and inclusive industry at all levels of seniority; return and retention strategies; the impact of wage inflation on margins; shifting portfolio allocations; the future of single family rentals; compensation and benefits trends - and what it all means to organizational strategies. Click below for the presentations.

Rethinking return & retention: Compensation and margin trends analysis - what is market post-Covid?
Proprietary analysis on enterprise growth, AUM and EBITDA margins in 2021, and the impact of Covid on total compensation and benefits. Please contact Zoe Hughes to access the presentation.

Rethinking Demand: Where are the new sources of alpha?

Green Street provides an overview of CRE performance pre- and post-Covid, predicting how traditional property types will perform against alternative sectors in education, health care, housing and technology – and how the public market is responding, quickly, to a changing world.

Rethinking Demand - Mobility and migration: Where have the people gone?

Unacast's data is used by hedge funds, tech companies, retailers, local and municipal governments and academics, Unacast's modeling provides insights into mobility, location and migration patterns post-Covid and helps challenge assumptions regarding demand drivers in 2021 and beyond. 

Attendee list

Please see the final attendee list here.

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