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How to audit your GC; climate risk challenges and more

NAREIM Architecture & Engineering meeting presentations

September 30, 2021

The NAREIM Architecture & Engineering meeting discussed climate risk, critical path scheduling, DEI in development and construction, net zero, timber-framed construction, and spontaneous glass breakage from nickel sulfide inclusions, and contractor audits. Click below for the presentations.

Climate Risk. The role of A&E in executing and achieving Climate Risk goals

A primer on Climate Risk modeling, prevalent models, methodology and outputs; key areas of assessment and impact on investment strategies; Value-at-risk (Var) Analysis: the impact of Climate Risk on financial value over time; Acquisition due diligence: Identifying risk, and developing hardening strategies. 

Critical Path Scheduling: Strategies for evaluation and testing

Dive into the complexities, and identify the scope of benefits to be achieved through various methods of modeling and analyzing the schedule of projects.

DEI: Recruitment and strategy for a diverse development and construction supply chain.

Strategies to expand representation, where to find the talent at junior, mid and senior levels and how to work with Talent Management to develop diverse pipelines for A&E; how A&E group members get management buy-in for diverse interns for their team; how to incentivize the supply chain and build the internal pipeline of A&E professionals.

Net Zero. The role of A&E in executing and achieving Net Zero goals

Decarbonization of the electric grid; CRREM pathways for portfolio risk assessment; the impact of legislation aimed at emission reduction; Negative emissions technologies (NETs); Cap-ex improvements and remediation strategies; Energy procurement: What’s worth knowing, what’s worth getting a handle on, and what shouldn't we spend too much time on; Net Zero through the lens of Climate Risk assessments and evaluations of transitional risk.

Nickel Sulfide Inclusions: Spontaneous breakage in tempered glass, and strategies for managing the risk

Identification, causes and prevalence of spontaneous breakage of fully tempered glass owing to nickel sulfide inclusions (NiS); the mounting dangers and costs to owners, tenants and the public; strategies to reduce risk during construction; solutions available on existing buildings.

Contractor audits: How to save money and audit contractors before the work begins

Achieving maximum value from your contractors; strategies to stay on top of budgets; how to minimize double-charges, slippages and bad behavior; cost savings to be reaped from audits of contracts and billing before, during and after construction.

Attendee list

Please see the final attendee list here.

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