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Impacts of SEC on Staffing and Professional Development

NAREIM Legal, Compliance & Risk Virtual Meeting: Presentation

Nov. 16, 2022

During the NAREIM Legal, Compliance & Risk virtual meeting, members discussed new regulations enacted and proposed by the SEC, recent regulatory focus areas for the industry, compliance resources, and the latest in software and technology.

Members also took part in several polling questions to gauge the number of LCR professionals in their firms, discuss if they were considering a mock SEC exam for 2023, the likelihood of investing in or purchasing new legal & compliance software or systems and more. 

Click here for the poll results

Click here to view the agenda.

Read the key takeaways.

Click here to view the presentation from the virtual meeting. 

Download NAREIM's Tech Budgets & Spend Member Survey results here.

The attendee list can be accessed here.

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