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NAREIM Architecture & Engineering Meeting 2023: Presentations, Polls & Attendee List

NAREIM Architecture & Engineering Meeting: Presentations, Polls & Attendee List

Sept. 20-21, 2023

At the NAREIM Architecture & Management meeting, members engaged in roundtable and group discussions about how to make office-to-residential conversions work from a design and budget perspective, the risks and costs associated with material failures involving plastics, how and when to work with your existing consultants to install EV charging infrastructure, the latest in environmental regulation and remediation, retrofitting for net positive at the asset and portfolio levels, trends in insurance and alternative structures, career and personal development, updates to the proposed ASTM guide for property resilience assessment, and special considerations for non-traditional asset types.

Design & Budget Feasibility for Office-to-Residential Conversions

Architect case studies highlighting the risk and viability of asset repositioning projects to enable faster, better decision-making and shorter due diligence, with a deep dive into a proprietary property assesment algorithm.

Presentation: Gensler - Office to Residential 2023

Session leader:

  • Paul D'Alto, Managing Architect, Real Estate, MetLife Investment Management


  • Steven Paynter, Principal, Gensler

Building Materials Case Studies: Plastics

Case studies from a consultant highlighting the environmental, operational design aspects that can trigger plastics failures, the associated costs and how to identify issues early in due diligence. 

Presentation: Exponent - Plastic Pipe Failures In Domestic Water Systems

Session leader:

  • Belinda Bail, Managing Director, Development/U.S. Environmental Officer, BGO


  • Bryan Templeton, Principal Engineer, Exponent

Innovation & Futureproofing: A&E Considerations for EV Charging Infrastructure

At roundtables, managers discussed the challenges installing tenant EV charging infrastructure, and how to support the installation.

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Session leader:

  • Joel Villamil, Director, Engineering and Environmental Services, UBS Realty Investors

Environmental Regulation & Remediation: What's the latest and how do we navigate? 

Case studies by a legal firm and environmental consultant, with member discussion of the latest updates to environmental hot topics and strategies to best navigate these issues in the current regulatory framework.

Presentation: Partner Engineering & Science, Alston & Bird on Environmental Risk & Remediation

Session leader:

  • Dave Ridley, Global Real Assets, Development & Engineering, JPMorgan Asset Management


  • Matt Wickersham, Partner, Alston & Bird

  • Suzi Rosen, Principal and Managing Director, Environmental Solutions Group, Partner Engineering & Science

Resiliency & ESG, Part 1: Retrofitting for Net Positive Asset-Level Case Study
ESG case study on how to renovate an existing asset, and turn it into a net positive building.

Presentation: Boston Properties - Pioneering Net-Zero Redevelopment


  • Ben Myers, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, BXP

Session leader: 

  • Anne Peck, Vice President, Head of ESG+R, TA Realty

Insurance: Trends and Best Practices

Whole-room Q&A and insurance expert case studies covering best practices in dealing with insurance premiums, alternative program structures and strategies to reduce risk and cost.

Presentation: Lockton - Insurance Trends & Best Practices


  • Pete Romano, EVP, National Real Estate Practice Leader, Lockton Companies

Session leader: 

  • Jenalyn Groeschel, Property Risk Consultant, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Professional Development Workshop (Managers Only)

Rotating small-group conversations and whole room best practices sharing focused on team-building, training, continuing education, skill and talent development. In teams, managers shared the resources they rely on to stay relevant in their roles, and to grow their teams.

Session leader:

  • Jenalyn Groeschel, Property Risk Consultant, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

A&E Considerations for Non-Traditional Asset Classes: Reducing Risk & Cost During Due Diligence, Construction & Ownership

In groups of 6, managers discussed the due diligence and A&E coverage strategies with the best payback – what’s working and what’s not working – as you look increasingly to non-traditional property types.

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Session leader: 

  • Andrew Coats, Managing Director & Head of Development, Barings Real Estate Advisors


  • Matt Christy, Senior Vice President, AEW Capital Management

Additional resources:

Attendee list: The attendee list can be accessed here.

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