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The New Normal in Capital Raising: Real-time trends in investor allocations, first-time and annual meetings, due diligence, return expectations, ESG & DEI priorities

NAREIM Capital Raising & IR meeting presentations 

November 30-December 1, 2021

During the NAREIM Capital Raising & IR Meeting, members discussed which changes post-Covid will be permanent and which will be temporary in the ways we raise capital, the types of LPs actively investing, and ESG & DEI strategies and challenges.

Members also dived into the most current data on emerging and diverse manager performance, and discussed in roundtables of both LPs and GPs the impact of flex schedules on investor communications and best practices for executing first-time and annual meetings. 

Please see below for the presentations from the meeting.

The Role of Real Estate Investment Managers in an Evolving Capital Raising Landscape

An expert analysis backed by more than a decade of tracking emerging and diverse manager performance, the presentation and concurrent discussion covered emerging manager allocations, diversity, performance, and fundraising by strategy, sector and geography. Additional topics raised included recommendations of what managers of varying size, scope and maturity need to be mindful of as they look to scale and grow. 

2021 Institutional Real Estate Allocations Monitor

How are public pensions, corporate pensions, HNWs, family offices, RIAs and other types of LPs pivoting or adjusting their allocations post-Covid? Which submarkets are seeing the highest activity?

What will managers need to do differently to attract capital, reach new investors and perform due diligence, both virtually and in person? 

Capital Raising & Investment Outlook and Research Insights

A deep dive into the latest of their proprietary fundraising, fund management, performance, ESG, deal/exit, uninvested capital and investor allocations data—and what it all means for real estate investment managers.

Attendee list

  • To download the attendee list for the NAREIM Capital Raising & IR meeting, click here.

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