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Capital raising and revenues rise - but expenses and compensation continue to dampen the profitability picture

Revenues at real estate investment management firms have grown in the past year thanks to increased capital raising and acquisition volume, according to the 2019 NAREIM/FPL Associates Global Management Survey. However, compensation and organizational expenses have dampened the impact of rising revenues, with four out of 10 real estate investment management firms reporting declining post-bonus EBITDA. Download the 2019 NAREIM-FPL Global Management Survey executive summary here. The annual Global Management Survey covers more than 100-pages of organizational, financial, fundraising and enterprise benchmarking data for real estate investment management enterprises and is published jointly by NAREIM and FPL Associates each September. The full report is available to participating NAREIM members. Participating members can access the full survey through the FPL client portal. Non-participating members can access the executive summary above. The information contained in this survey is for NAREIM members only. Please do not share outside your organizations. For more information on the Global Management Survey and to participate in the 2020 report, email NAREIM CEO Zoe Hughes.
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