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Climate risk and ESG benchmarking. Slides from the NAREIM Sustainability meeting

NAREIM Sustainability Meeting

May 4, 2021

During the NAREIM Sustainability Meeting, members discussed climate risk and ESG benchmarking. Please see below for the presentations from the meeting.

Climate-risk data. What's out there? How are we using it?

Deep dive discussion among peers and experts to understand the landscape of available climate-related risk data and its quality. We ask, what’s out there – is it worth checking out? And once you pick your provider, what then? Through case study review of providers, and closed-door whole room conversation among members, we highlight how firms are using climate-risk data, what stage of the process they are at, and the compromises you have to make with all data.

  • Presentations from:

  • Ken O'Brien and Elizabeth Francis, MSCI Real Estate. Click here

  • Rohan Hamden, XDI Cross Dependency Initiative. Click here

  • Etienne Cadestin, Longevity Partners. Click here

ESG benchmarking — of your teams, process and operations

NAREIM members conduct live polling and breakout group discussion to understand how peers are executing on ESG strategies within their organizations — and what the teams, resources, process and policies look like to create the best environment for ESG to be a success for the firm, irrespective of size, scale or maturity.

  • Presentations from:

  • Mona Benisi, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investments. Click here

  • Anne Peck, AEW Capital. Click here

  • Hannah Tillman, Berkshire Residential. Click here

Member polling

Understanding how peers are shaping strategies around climate risk and ESG resourcing, targets and goals.

Attendee list

Please see the final attendee list here.

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