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Controlled environment agriculture: The new asset class on the block

Controlled environment agriculture has the solutions to significant food production and environmental issues. Now it just needs the capital with Jacob Tannenbaum, Barclay Fellow.

Key highlights and insights include:

  • CEA is a better impact solution than many other popular alternatives. 

  • It is often carbon negative. 

  • It requires limited use of rare earth metal materials whose mining undermines the true environmental values of many energy-oriented investors. 

  • It very poignantly addresses the problems of biodiversity and habitat loss. 

  • It decreases agricultural water usage by over 95%. 

  • It dramatically reduces shipping waste. 

  • And socially, it has the potential to solve global food crises.

Download your complimentary copy of the article here.

First published in NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2021, published in association with IREI.

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