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Dialogues: Diversification and capital raising on the rise, but at what price efficiency?

Capital raised from defined contribution pensions is on the rise and interest in tapping this retail source has increased significantly. It’s a sign the industry is preparing for a move away from defined benefit plans.However, the costs — financial and organizational — are large, and as real estate investment managers continue to diversify their product offering to existing institutional clients, the question remains how to further drive enterprise efficiency.Read more about the results of the NAREIM–FPL Associates 2019 Global Management Survey in the fall issue of Dialogues, available for download now. Click here to download Dialogues.Also check out:

  • Value-add multifamily renovations in a day: how to complete an apartment renovation while the tenant remains in the unit, with TGM Associates' John Gochberg, Zak Goldman and Michael Frazzetta .

  • Carmel Partners' Ron Zeff talks about his outlook for multifamily, development challenges and tenant experiences.

  • Google, Collaboration and ESG: Case study of Principal Real Estate's 500 West 2nd St office investment

  • Opportunity zones have the potential to alleviate the shortage in affordable housing, but results could take years to be seen, by Yardi.

  • The need for data, standardized methodology and stakeholder engagement in climate risk management, by BentallGreenOak.

  • Data as competitive advantage, by Juniper Square

  • Opportunity zone success depends on investor education, initial experiences and active public support, by CIM

  • Member profiles: Chris Baker, Zeller Realty; Anne Peck, AEW Capital and Maria Oliva, Pathway to Living/Waterton

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