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FPL Leadership Perspectives: Leaders Are Largely "Born, Not Made"

One of the most fundamental mistakes (in assessing leadership) is the tendency to overvalue certain characteristics, attributes, and skills.

  This feature FPL publication discusses the leadership qualities that drive success (and also lead to failure) in an organization. Topics of special interest include:
  • Overvaluing the Wrong Leadership Attributes
  • Entrepreneurial Personalities and the Ability to Scale Organizations
  • Handling Adversity: The Most Reliable Indicator of True Leadership
  • Lessons to Be Learned From Bad Leaders
  • Strong Followers Can Be Toxic For Leaders
  • The Proper Balance of Leadership and Organizational Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • When is a Narcissist Good for a Company?
  • It‚Äôs Time to Recognize That Leadership is Hardwired
(To download FPL's Leadership Perspectives, click here.)
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