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Governance, ownership and pain points. Meeting presentations

Download presentations and live polling results from the NAREIM Data Strategy meeting 2020 here:

Data provisioning, governance and usage pain points: Live poll results

  • With RealFoundations. 

  • During the NAREIM Data Strategy meeting, members were polled on the greatest pain points within their firms relating to data governance, provisioning and usage. The areas scoring highest on the pain monitor were verifying results, manipulating data, populating templates and acquiring information. One issue potentially exacerbating these areas is the fact 70% of NAREIM members do not have data compliance processes in place to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data.

Roadmap strategies for data governance: Case study - Stockbridge

  • Discussion on the challenges and opportunities of implementing a data governance strategy

  • Maintaining ongoing maintenance and improvements

Roadmap strategies for data governance: Case study - BentallGreenOak

  • Think about data strategy through five key elements – with each stage of the data strategy dealing with:

  • Enterprise Data Management: Relating to data governance, warehousing and quality management

  • Information Management: Relating to data architecture and security, privacy, information lifecycle and taxonomy

  • Business intelligence reporting and analytics: Relating to predictive analytics, patterns and trends as well as information reporting. One key element is to also ensure you understand who is asking for the data and who is accountable for the data; and to conduct due diligence on the usage of the data.

  • Digital Business Processes. The ability to digitize internal processes, data and begin robotic process automation for standardized reports.

  • Data Culture: Executive officer buy-in, training and change management and enabling data for enterprise innovation.

Successful tactics and proof of concepts to win over your c-suite?

  • Discussion with Saxony Partners, including: 

  • Show the ROI of data strategies by proving potential reductions in the rate of head count growth through improved data provisioning, governance and usage. 

  • Always talk to the why before the how

Leveraging RPA to Create Efficiencies

Using robotic process automation to streamline processes within a real estate investment management firm.

  • Discussion with ReDirect Consulting

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