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LP perspectives, new tools and scoring data success

NAREIM Data Strategy meeting

May 18, 2021

During the NAREIM Data Strategy Meeting, members discussed investor and consultant perspective on data, reporting requirements and the increasing move to asset-level projected cash flows. Members also dived into new tools - and gaining user adoption, as well as how to evaluate and score a data project and strategy. Please see below for the presentations from the meeting.

New tools and user adoption

Through case studies and a whole room Q&A, NAREIM members talked about the new tools, processes and strategies they have implemented over the past two years – and how they did (and did not) increase user adoption and business performance.

Presentations from:

  • Christopher Gilene, Invesco Real Estate. Click here. Re-envisioning the data used to aid investment decision-making, underwriting and the IC memo. Using non-traditional data sets, Invesco discussed how they’re building out predictive rent forecast models for North America and data relating to hotel amenities in Europe. Click here

  • Scott Cross, Joshua Rome, Matthew Gilbert, Nuveen Real Estate. Click here. Nuveen has moved to Tableaux dashboards, allowing business users more ability to dig into basic tenant exposure metrics. The systems also allow the data team to respond to new data requests/build-outs in 1-2 weeks vs months, but there's lots of future work including the need to look at tenant health. Click here.

Scorecarding your data strategy

How do we begin to look to tracking ROI on data strategy? How do you incorporate the performance of people and processes and culture? Three case studies focused on scoring the talent and people within data strategy; how we can start to think about a scorecard for the overarching data strategy; and a deep dive into a specific data project.

Attendee list

Please see the final attendee list here. 

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