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NAREIM Data Strategy Meeting 2022 Presentations

NAREIM Data Strategy meeting presentations 

May 11-12, 2022

During the NAREIM Data Strategy Meeting, members discussed performance attribution, underwriting new property types, leveraging data to grow and scale into new markets, tested strategies to improve the lease data collection process, and more. They also worked together to develop a property manager scorecard, and competed in teams to build the tallest free-standing structure in 18 minutes, using only raw spaghetti, a marshmallow, string, scissors and tape—testing their skills in communication and iterative process.

Please click here to view the agenda and see below for the presentations from the meeting.

What's on your mind? 

  • Top of mind for members is performance management and improving asset and deal reporting structures. Talent was the biggest area of concern after performance reporting not only in terms of attracting talent to private real estate but getting the buy-in. The list was compiled during roundtable discussions during the NAREIM Data Strategy meeting. Download the highlights here.

Achieving the right operating cadence with your property managers

  • Presentation by Pete Schow, Global Real Estate Data Strategist, Invesco Real Estate. In this managers-only workshop, NAREIM members worked in small groups to list the systems and metrics they are using, or would like to use, to evaluate property manager performance and push partners to improve. Download the presentation here.

Property Manager Scorecard: The 6 categories of metrics you should incorporate

  • How do you improve the performance of the asset? By introducing property manager scorecards that track not only asset and tenant performance but also a property manager’s missing data, ESG performance, deadlines and downtimes. The list was compiled during roundtable discussions during the NAREIM Data Strategy meeting. Download the metrics here.

New data and Covid lessons: Lease data collection process

  • Presentation by Eddie Maxhari & Ajey Bhagwat, Asset Management Analysts, UBS Realty Advisors. Eddie and Ajey shared examples of current projects underway where they have tested solutions to lease data collection challenges, and discussed future plans and recommendations for improving the lease data collection process. Download the presentation here.

Optimizing performance attribution

  • Presentation by Scott Tavolacci, National Director, Yardi Systems. This case study review detailed how investment managers are using data to execute on performance and composite performance returns at the fund, asset and investor level. Download the presentation here.

Attendee list

  • To download the attendee list for the NAREIM Data Strategy meeting, click here.

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