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NAREIM Sustainability Meeting 2022 Presentations

NAREIM Sustainability meeting presentations 

April 26-27, 2022

During the NAREIM Sustinability Meeting, members discussed embodied carbon, selecting the right generalist and specialist ESG consultants, incorporating ESG data into investment decision-making, challenges encountering and tested methods for measuring impact as well as decarbonization strategies and solutions.

Members also dived into business and social change case studies, and discussed in a manager-only session the ESG consultants—generalists and specialists—peers were using, areas for improvement and gaps in services provided, and future plans.

Please click here to view the agenda and see below for the presentations from the meeting.

ESG consultant directory

  • NAREIM has produced a directory of ESG consultants utilized by member firms and their lead ESG professionals. Comprising more than 50 firms globally and covering generalist and specialist ESG advisory work, the list is intended to be a living document available to all NAREIM members and help as they build out ESG and asset management strategies. Download the directory here.

Embodied carbon

  • Presentation by Henrique Mendonça, Life Cycle Designer of eTool. Issues raised during the presentation included how to track embodied carbon, common challenges and best practices in  data collection and reporting. Download the presentation here.

Selecting an “S” that emphasizes impact & brand 

  • Presentation by Jill Brosig, Chief Impact Officer of Harrison Street. In this presentation, Jill described a unique career path from engineering to sustainability, as well as how to identify and develop social impact programs tailored to your investment asset classes. The presentation also highlighted case studies on how Harrison Street selected, created, implemented and measured these programs. Download the presentation here.

Climate risk & resiliency case studies

  • Presentations by Mona Benisi, Executive Director, Head of Sustainability, Global Real Assets, Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Brittany Ryan, Responsible Investment Professional, Nuveen Real Estate. Mona shared how resiliency is being built into one project underway at Morgan Stanley and lessons learned from implementation, while Brittany Ryan described Nuveen Real Estate’s strategy around resiliency including asset-type variances and challenges and how asset & portfolio managers use the data on a day-to-day basis. Download the presentation here.

Getting to Net Zero - which data and why?

  • Presentation by Tony Liou, President, Partner Energy. Tony provided a detailed list of steps to implementing a net zero strategy, referencing several examples of this is being done successfully, and describing ongoing challenges faced by investment managers in defining and executing a net zero strategy. Download the presentation here.

Attendee list

  • To download the attendee list for the NAREIM Sustainability meeting, click here.

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