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Asset-level vendor DEI data collection is really hard; tier your strategy, lean on brokers

June 6, 2023: Tier your DEI vendor strategy focusing on corporate-spend before targeting fund-level data. Leave the asset to last because overwhelming and largely a manual process. Key takeaways from the NAREIM DEI vendor due diligence meeting here.

NAREIM Members in HR, Operations, Finance and More Collectively Brainstorm DEI Recruitment Pipeline Strategies

Feb 9, 2022: NAREIM member as well as non-member investment managers exchanged best practices and offered potential solutions to the challenges of developing a diverse recruitment pipeline, either organically or by partnering with DEI-focused organizations.

NAREIM DEI Committee announces Heitman's Velamati as new chair

March 9, 2023: NAREIM DEI Committee announces Heitman's Rachna Velamati as new chair

Women of color losing ground at exec/senior levels, but successes on DEI more generally

Jan 27, 2023: Women of color at the executive management and senior levels are departing at twice the rate of their population size in North America, despite the representation of women and people of color improving overall for CRE in 2022.

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