Evolving hospitality: hotels in the internet era

By having creative concepts that cater to each corner of the market, big brand hotels are well- positioned to withstand changing consumer tastes and the threat of Airbnb. Peter Laskey of Barclay Fellow discusses the short-term and long-term outlook.

30 best pieces of advice-Part 1

Real estate leaders share the best pieces of advice they have received, how it influenced them personally and professionally, and what advice they offer their teams today.

Co-living: A new sector, or a new way of doing old things?

The concept of co-living is gaining momentum, but institutional investors and debt lenders remain wary. Deborah Smith of The CenterCap Group discusses the evolving model of co-living.

How to complete a multifamily value-add reno in one day

Imagine renovating an occupied apartment unit in one day, replacing the entire kitchen and the majority of bathroom components- all while the resident is at work. Now imagine turning around a 500+ apartment complex in less than six months. TGM Associates talks about their value-add in a day program.

Diversification and capital raising on the rise, but at what price efficiency?

Capital raised from defined contribution pensions is on the rise and interest in tapping this retail source has increased significantly. It's also a sign the industry is preparing for a move away from defined benefit plans. However, the costs - financial and organizational - are large.

30 years of change: The key remains talent

As NAREIM marks its 30th anniversary, we asked five founding members including AEW, Clarion Partners, Northwestern, PGIM, and Cornerstone Real Estate to discuss the biggest structural changes over the past three decades and to look ahead to the largest challenges that will impact real estate investment management.

Evaluating office investments for attracting talent

Today’s corporate tenants are increasingly utilizing their office space as a tool to compete for the best workers. Chuck Schreiber of KBS provides four key variables for attracting top talent rank highest in value for office investors.

Private real estate's DC opportunity

Private real estate is increasingly finding its place within professionally managed multi-asset investment strategies designed for defined contribution plan use. Jennifer Perkins of Principal Real Estate Investors discusses liquidity, fees, and litigation.

Future-proofing our portfolios

Effectively managing climate risk requires data-driven insights, standardized methodology and robust stakeholder engagement throughout the ecosystem of a portfolio. Anna Murray of BentallGreenOak explains their approach to long-term financial and operation resiliency.

Read the 2019 Fall Dialogues here

Investment managers are facing ever greater complexity - of product and capital to name just two. Over the past year, NAREIM members have shared insight and intelligence on some of these challenges, and best practices on how to mitigate risk and drive returns. We hear their stories in the fall issue of Dialogues.

NAREIM: The Beginning

To celebrate NAREIM's 30th anniversary we share excerpts from the founding document of how it all began with founding firms including Met Life, Prudential, Northwestern, JP Morgan, and others.

Prioritizing data integration during an M&A

How organization handle the integration of data can determine the success or failure of an M&A. John Seaton and Jim Valente of RealFoundations share case studies and lessons learned.

Transforming real estate fund operations

Managers considering outsourcing to achieve operational efficiencies should assess their needs based on four criteria explained by Anthony Ross of State Street.

Attracting Google by driving sustainability through partnerships

Collaboration between the various stakeholders of 500 West 2nd Street in Austin, Texas yielded ESG success, valuable lessons and a happy tenant by the name of Google. Jennifer McConkey and Joe Wanninger of Principal Real Estate Investors highlight the ESG strategy behind the deal.

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