NAREIM Spring 2021 Dialogues magazine is out: health and well-being, asset-level reporting, retail as a service and more

Download the 2021 Spring issue of Dialogues with interviews and articles covering health and well-being, asset-level reporting and more.

CalSTRS, World Bank: Intent, traction and asset-level diversity

Interview with Mike DiRé, director of real estate at CalSTRS, and Christina Scarlato, principal portfolio manager, real assets at The World Bank, on how they work with managers to drive diversity and inclusion. It's vital, they said, for both mangers and investors to talk about the issue - and share the best ideas for effecting change.

Modernizing your portfolio for long-term CRE resilience

When it comes to future-proofing your assets, using AIbased systems and modernizing buildings can help keep portfolios optimized for years to come with Matt Ganser, Carbon Lighthouse.

Plan B: How firms are adapting in the pandemic

Matt Hooper, Pereview Software explains communcations, technology and company culture are crucial to managing the fallout from Covid-19.

Evolving hospitality: hotels in the internet era

By having creative concepts that cater to each corner of the market, big brand hotels are well- positioned to withstand changing consumer tastes and the threat of Airbnb. Peter Laskey of Barclay Fellow discusses the short-term and long-term outlook.

30 best pieces of advice-Part 1

Real estate leaders share the best pieces of advice they have received, how it influenced them personally and professionally, and what advice they offer their teams today.

Co-living: A new sector, or a new way of doing old things?

The concept of co-living is gaining momentum, but institutional investors and debt lenders remain wary. Deborah Smith of The CenterCap Group discusses the evolving model of co-living.

CMBS market shrugs as critics take aim

Amid allegations of loan origination impropriety that coincided with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the CMBS industry sees little to worry about by Paul Fiorilla, Yardi Matrix.

30 best pieces of advice - part two

Real estate leaders share the best pieces of advice they have received, how it influenced them personally and professionally, and what advice they offer their teams today.

Working the middle: Opportunities in essential housing

With investors increasingly focused on the positive societal impacts of their investments, manager strategies centered around solving housing-related issues are gaining momentum with Sabrina Unger, American Realty Advisors.

Managing tenant risk in dynamic markets

Tenant risk can be understood and managed by having systems and processes to collect and analyze data. Understanding exposures and managing risk is at the core of what investors do. For real estate investors, the stability of their tenant bases is an important measure in judging portfolio health says Damien Georges, RealPage.

30 years of change: The key remains talent

As NAREIM marks its 30th anniversary, we asked five founding members including AEW, Clarion Partners, Northwestern, PGIM, and Cornerstone Real Estate to discuss the biggest structural changes over the past three decades and to look ahead to the largest challenges that will impact real estate investment management.

Evaluating office investments for attracting talent

Today’s corporate tenants are increasingly utilizing their office space as a tool to compete for the best workers. Chuck Schreiber of KBS provides four key variables for attracting top talent rank highest in value for office investors.

Private real estate's DC opportunity

Private real estate is increasingly finding its place within professionally managed multi-asset investment strategies designed for defined contribution plan use. Jennifer Perkins of Principal Real Estate Investors discusses liquidity, fees, and litigation.

Change is coming

To bring about real and lasting changes, efforts need to be purposeful and happen not only inside the firm, but also within the industry. Reisa Bryan of Nuveen Real Estate and Kristin Renaudin of Stockbridge speak with NAREIM about the need for diversity and inclusion in the industry, how to
improve recruitment and retention, changing investor attitudes, and what steps organizations can take to move forward.

Q&A: The state of the office

NAREIM speaks with Preston Sargent, Executive Vice President at Bailard, about office opportunities amidst changing work trends in the post-Covid-19 world.

Climate prescriptions for mitigating climate risks

Developing tools for property manager education about the impact of climate-related risks on their properties is the first step towards climate risk mitigation says Jennifer McConkey, Principal Real Estate Investors.

Stuck with the bill: CMBS financing's incompatibility with an unpredictable world

As hotel revenues evaporated, owners were forced into protection mode. For most, loan forbearance and federal stimulus became the critical tools to stay afloat, but many CMBS sponsors were left to fend for themselves by Peter Laskey, Barclay Fellow.

NAREIM: The Beginning

To celebrate NAREIM's 30th anniversary we share excerpts from the founding document of how it all began with founding firms including Met Life, Prudential, Northwestern, JP Morgan, and others.

Prioritizing data integration during an M&A

How organization handle the integration of data can determine the success or failure of an M&A. John Seaton and Jim Valente of RealFoundations share case studies and lessons learned.