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2023 SFDR & ESG disclosure methodologies: Managers, take your pick

There are a lot of ESG rules in the US and Europe. The NAREIM Sustainability virtual meeting highlighted manager experiences and managers thoughts on the pros and cons of what's available. Key takeaways from the NAREIM Sustainability virtual meeting.

ESG consultant directory launched, 50+ providers listed

April 27, 2022: NAREIM has produced a directory of ESG consultants comprising more than 50 generalist and specialist ESG advisors and providers, thanks to the NAREIM Sustainability members.

The 2022 EU transparency requirement pushing investment managers to rethink ESG disclosures and investor relations

Dec 20, 2021: NAREIM member investment managers exchanged best practices and offered potential solutions to the challenges posed by the EU sustainability disclosure requirement taking effect in January 2022.

35% of managers undertake climate risk analysis on a majority of their assets; one in four Sustainability leads report direct to the CEO

During the NAREIM Sustainability Meeting, 35% of managers revealed that all or more than 75% of their portfolios were covered by climate risk data and analysis; while 40% of sustainability leads report directly to the CEO. Read the takeaways here.

The risk of inaction on health and well-being outweighs the risk of action, says Harrison St, Heitman, Kilroy, WELL

While research around the ROI of health and well-being measures is gathering pace, senior ESG executives argue that, in the aftermath of a global pandemic, this is the time to take action. Health and well-being is about the safety and security of tenants and users.

Four key insights into impact investing

Understanding and defining impact investing can help investors succeed in this growing area. Read the NAREIM Dialogues article by Lee Menifee and PGIM Real Estate.

Four key insights into impact investing

NAREIM Sustainability Meeting - presentations

NAREIM - April 30 2019 - CenterPoint Properties_Elena Daniel

Global-ESG-Real-Estate-Investment-Survey-Results_Anna Murray-Bentall Kennedy

ZRG Goby Nariem Presentaion for distribution-Cons Gattuso-Zeller

NAREIM 2019 - NYC Intro 1253 Rev1-Chri

Challenges & Approaches Around SFDR

Nov. 17, 2022: An update on SFDR and discussion of the key milestones for level 2 reporting in 2023. Sustainability virtual meeting presentation

NAREIM Sustainability Meeting 2022 Presentations

April 27, 2022: Download the Sustainability meeting presentations covering embodied carbon, climate risk, resiliency, measuring the impact of the "S" in ESG and getting to net zero.

The impact fund opportunity GPs aren't seeing

GPs have long prioritized ESG but few are signatories of the IFC's impact principles. They're sitting on the sidelines of an impactful investment opportunity for the planet and bottom line. BGO explains

Climate risk and ESG benchmarking. Slides from the NAREIM Sustainability meeting

During the NAREIM Sustainability Meeting, members discussed climate risk and ESG benchmarking. Download the presentations.

Introduce preliminary IC meetings to implement ESG change

NAREIM Sustainability Meeting 2020 key takeaways. Don't rely on IC memos to raise ESG issues. NAREIM members describe three strategies to better incorporate firm-wide ESG strategies into deals earlier.

The rise of ESG in real estate

Waiting on the sidelines may no longer be an option for real estate investors as our planet and our built environment are at risk. Read the NAREIM Dialogues article by Jem Hudson and State Street.

The rise of ESG in real estate

Slides from 2018 S&I Meeting

Links for copies of slide decks from the January Sustainability Meeting:

Green Buildings and Financial Metrics

Energy & Default Risk in Commercial Mortgages

Research links sustainability and profits




ESG annual reports: The tips and realities in creating an authentic ESG message

May 18, 2022: Talking about your ESG weaknesses - as well as successes - in annual reports helps deliver an authentic marketing campaign, the NAREIM Marketing & Communications meeting heard.

Reporting to GRESB as an Article 6 SFDR fund doesn't trigger penalties - but setting GRESB targets may open 'can of worms'

Dec 21, 2021: Reporting to GRESB doesn't trigger fines for vehicles registered as Article 6 under Europe’s new sustainability disclosure rules – but watch out for GRESB T1:1 as setting targets and objectives may open up a “can of worms”.

Assessing climate-related risk and resiliency

What exactly do you need to do when dealing with extreme wind, sea-level rise, wildfires? How do you start to assess climate-related risk - and build resiliency to it? Partner Engineering talk through the key tactics.

CRE’s 2021 ESG opportunity includes quick wins: BMS and sensor-managed HVACs, LED light scheduling

Managers who want to pass investors’ ESG sniff test should focus on implementing strategies and showing data-backed proof. With Carbon Lighthouse.

Sustainability meeting: The path to net zero, health and wellness and resiliency metrics and planning

NAREIM Sustainability Meeting 2020 - meeting presentations. Do managers need an early - quasi - investment committee to assess the ESG of deals before they go to IC? How do we define - and achieve - net zero? Download the 2020 Sustainability meeting presentations.

Energy competitions and rankings could equal 7-figure energy savings

Energy challenges with a published ranking of performance could help drive significant energy savings at assets, members at the NAREIM Sustainability meeting heard this week.

Sharing best practices on ESG strategies, members heard how gamification

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