Talent Management

Target CRE's next gen at high school

Despite being a $16 trillion-dollar industry, CRE is still a relatively unknown career path among underrepresented high school students. The Real Estate Exchange (REEX) Program aims to address real estate’s lack of ethnic diversity. MIT's Kelly Cameron explain how.

DEI – across the CRE supply chain

Architects and engineers led the conversation around sustainability more than a decade ago, but when it came to DEI the industry had been left “flat footed”. NOMA presents to the A&E meeting.

Global DEI benchmark to launch backed by 7 leading Associations

ANREV, INREV, NAREIM, NCREIF, PREA, REALPAC and ULI join forces with Ferguson Partners to launch the Global Real Estate DEI Survey on September 8

27% of managers eye changes to carried interest allocations post-Covid

27% of managers could change carried interest allocation policies in the light of Covid – with the CEO expected to take the hit.

July, August are target return to office dates; 1 in 5 firms reveal up to 20% of employees want to stay home

26% of managers are earmarking July or August as the date for most employees to return to the office; with half of all managers saying WFH could remain for 1-2 days

2020 Resume Book - 130 students, 11 schools. Available now

Download your copy of the NAREIM 2020 Resume Book, featuring more than 130 undergraduate and graduate students.

NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows announced – resumes

Read the resumes of the NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows, Class of 2020

50% back to office already - rest will return in New Year en masse

50% of managers are mandating return to office already, rest will return en masse in 2022; 3-2 expected to be the flex work strategy for the long-term. Read more about the Talent Mgt meeting

NAREIM Fellows - final 5 out of 68 nominations

The NAREIM Fellows Class of 2021-22 has been named - with five chosen from a field of 68 candidates from 11 graduate programs. All 68 resumes are now online.

Former LACERA RE head on DEI and an increasingly active LP-base

John McClelland, former real estate head at LACERA predicts LPs will get more active on DEI and collect more data - and will push for improvements over time among their managers.

Mandatory in-office attendance increasingly universal; most firms targeting 3-2 ratio post-Labor Day

Employees are largely mandated to return to the office, with 3 days in-office/2 days at home (3-2) the favored short-term strategy.

Chief data officers and analytics heads will become core functions for all REIMs

All organizations, regardless of size, should include a chief data officer or head of analytics to be competitive in the near future. Safeguarding proprietary data - for firms both large and small - will be imperative. With Ferguson Partners

Video: The How To of DEI

During the PERE America 2020 conference in November 2020, NAREIM CEO Zoe Hughes and Belay Investment partner Eliza Bailey discussed best practices on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for real estate investment managers and how strategies, processes and policies can be enduring and lasting.

Not talking about race and gender today is like not talking about 9/11

Talent Mgt meeting 2020 key takeaways. Senior leaders need to engage in conversations about gender and racial equality today, because employees will see it as coming too late to wait six months or one year to speak up.

The impact of the war for talent on retention and total compensation

Download the Talent Management meeting presentations covering return to office realities, vaccine mandates, and total compensation trends post-Covid.

NAREIM Fellows: 5 finalists revealed

Class of 2021-22 strongest field yet – with a total of 68 candidates from 11 schools, up from 45 nominations in 2020.

60% of firms change return to office dates owing to Delta

Almost two-thirds of managers have changed their return to office dates owing to the Delta variant but not occupancy limits.

June is start of return to office for real estate investment managers

21% of managers earmark June as the date for most employees to return to the office, 26% look to July or August and third eye September for a majority return, says NAREIM Return to the Office survey.

Half of managers eye Summer-Fall return to office, and long-term flex work

While half of managers are earmarking a Summer-Fall return to office, almost all are preparing for flexible schedules with a quarter of firms saying 1 to 2 days per week could be work-from-home.

10 NAREIM Fellows to watch in 2021

NAREIM unveils the new class of Jeff Barclay Fellows, with 10 students selected by NAREIM’s Executive Officer committee in the strongest field ever submitted.