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2020 Resume Book - 130 students, 11 schools. Available now

Download your copy of the NAREIM 2020 Resume Book, featuring more than 130 undergraduate and graduate students.

Not talking about race and gender today is like not talking about 9/11

Talent Mgt meeting 2020 key takeaways. Senior leaders need to engage in conversations about gender and racial equality today, because employees will see it as coming too late to wait six months or one year to speak up.

Diversity & Inclusion: An interview with Carnegie Corporation

Alisa Mall, the real estate head of Carnegie Corporation of New York, calls on managers to become “mentally, emotionally and financially committed to diversity” to create a culture that values diversity of thought to drive performance.

NAREIM Executive Officer meeting_GMS and Comp Survey

Compensation and Benchmarking_NAREIM EO meeting 2019_FPL

10 NAREIM Fellows to watch in 2021

NAREIM unveils the new class of Jeff Barclay Fellows, with 10 students selected by NAREIM’s Executive Officer committee in the strongest field ever submitted.

D&I: Judge gender and diversity separately

It is time for private real estate to approach women and minorities differently, says PERE op-ed, citing NAREIM data.

Safety is key for any return, and so is team mental health

The NAREIM Talent Management online roundtable discussed office return strategies, employee surveys and strategies around summer interns. As members prepare a phased return to the office, attendees said the key was to ensure people “felt safe”.

2019 NAREIM Resume Book

Download your copy of the 2019 NAREIM Resume Book containing more than 80 undergraduate and graduate students from Columbia, Cornell, Chicago, DePaul, Illinois, Indiana, Johns Hopkins, New York, North Carolina, Northwestern, Pennsylvania, Roosevelt,

2020 Resume Book - 130 students, 11 schools

Download your copy of the 2020 NAREIM Resume Book, featuring the resumes of more than 130 undergraduate and graduate students from across the U.S.

NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows announced – resumes

Read the resumes of the NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows, Class of 2020

Even with a vaccine, regular testing will be required – and employers will be key.

As NAREIM members tentatively eye a soft reopening and scaling up of their offices in September, CIC’s David Berlin spoke about the firm’s recently launched initiative – CIC Health – and efforts across the country to create community-wide testing assurance schemes, which pool access to viral testing and laboratory capacity for business, academic institutions and public services.

Barclay Fellows, welcome to the Class of 2019/20

NAREIM is delighted to announce the new class of Barclay Fellows and to introduce them to the NAREIM membership. The class of 2019-2020 is the strongest group of Fellows yet, selected from over 25 nominated candidates and 11 graduate programs.

Talent Management and Job Fair for Member Firms, Chicago

Meeting will take place at the NAREIM Office on

Oct 3rd 8:30 - 2:30

Address: 99 Wall Street, Suite 1340, New York, NY 10005


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