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Presentations from Data Strategy Meeting, May 15

Talent and Skills Needed v3[2] - Read-Only NAREIM Data Warehouse Presentation v1[1] - Read-Only NAREIM Data Governance Presentation

Can algorithms help you time the real estate cycle?

Data management is the biggest challenge facing real estate investment managers, according to members attending NAREIM’s Innovation Summit this week.

Half of all members revealed they were looking to innovation to help solve internal data challe

How Data Can Improve Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

By Narendra Srivatsa

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.”
— W. Edwards Deming, statistician and author of
The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education

As the Internet economy becomes yesterday’s news, it’s clear t

Desire Lines in Real-Time: How Non-Real Estate Data can Predict Real Estate Market Trends

By Melissa Reagen
Head of Research & Strategy, MetLife Real Estate Investors
For real estate investors, an expanding number of richer data sets can be harnessed to help predict commercial property performance well ahead of existing market funda

Slides from the 2013 A&IT Meeting

Here are links to download files for the slides presented during the 2013 A&IT meeting:

Goodwin Proctor Presentation

Bentall Kennedy Presentation

CBRE Presentation

Deloitte Presentation

Millennia Group Presentation

The iEffect

Technology continues to reshape how and where work gets done.  Millions of Americans are reaching for their smartphone or tablet before they reach for their laptop.  They are doing more of their daily work outside of the confines of a traditional o

Talk Dirty Data to Me

Data is the new currency of business. But what if your data is incorrect? How do companies execute a forensic investigation of corrupt data and reconcile that data - and how should firms ensure data remains clean in the future? Read the NAR

D3 2018 Meeting Report: Making the Most of Data

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

– Arthur Conan Doyle

(for a print version, click here) How often do real estate investors theorize before they have the data?


Beware the Disruptor

By Gunnar Branson

There has been a recent abundance of examples that graphically demonstrate what happens when disruptive technologies and business models are introduced to an industry.  Every year, billions of dollars in revenue are

Big Data vs. Dark Data: The Data Opportunity for Real Estate Investment Managers

By John D'Angelo, Managing Director of RealFoundations

John D’Angelo is a frequent presence at NAREIM meetings and presented at this year’s 20/20 Investor Summit. D’Angelo sheds light on the hidden opportunities in the data you are already k

The Future of Due Diligence: From Paper Management to Data Management

By Michael Cipriano, President and Co-Founder of Millennia Group, LLC.

Even the best investment strategies are entirely dependent on the quality of the execution…of the due diligence…of the process.  The challenge has been and always will be

RE Data Strategies - don't let IT own the plan

Real estate data strategies should follow one key piece of advice to succeed - it has to be owned by senior business leaders in the firm, not the IT group.

The NAREIM Data Strategy meeting, which took place in Chicago last week, heard it was cr

Preparing for a Driverless World

As the buzz around autonomous vehicles grows louder every day, the technology’s evolution is now at a point where it is no longer a matter of “if,” but of “when.”
What does the arrival of driverless vehicles mean for your business and your

The Risk and Opportunity of Driverless Car Technology!

By Marc Bourdages
Technical Director, Partner Science & Engineering
Editor's Note: Marc Bourdages is known to many of NAREIM's A&E members and actively particpates in NAREIM's annual A&E conference, which will be held in Boston in Octob

George Jetson Will Never Be Your Neighbor

By Jim Costello
Managing Director, Americas Research
CBRE Global Research & Consulting

We live in the world of tomorrow. Many of the technological marvels highlighted in the science fiction of the past are science facts of our world today. H

The Virtualization of IT Departments

While participating on a technology panel at NAREIM’s recent Spring 2012 Executive Meeting, many of my discussions centered around outsourcing IT, accounting and other non-core backroom support services. Joe Beggins of GEMSA Loan Services described

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