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How much should we outsource?

To what degree do real estate investment management firms outsource key functions and services within their platforms?

The NAREIM/FPL Associates Global Management Survey 2018 highlighted the frequency of outsourcing among the NAREIM membership, wi

A&I 2016 Meeting Report: Data Disruption Will Change CRE

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffet

(For a print version, click here.)

On January 9th 2001 Apple introduced iTunes and, over the next few years, decimated the music industry. Within 7 years, they captured half

Treynor Ratios: Joint Venture Cash Flow Distribution & Fairness Quantified

By Zachary Shipps

Twice a year, NAREIM invites graduate students from the top real estate programs across the country to attend our Executive Officers’ Meetings as Fellows. After attending the September EO Meetin

Accounting the Change: Rules, Technology and Fundamentals

As the more immediate crisis of the recession gave way to the ongoing stress of recovery, it has become increasingly difficult to understand what the priorities should be, what the rules of engagement are, and how best to chart a path to recovery. As

Real Estate Through the Eyes of the COO

Being COO of a real estate investment management platform is a mammoth task. It’s about stitching together risk management, performance, technology, talent, administration, strategic growth, and culture into a seamless effort that drives underlying

The Folklore of Finance: How Beliefs and Behaviors Sabotage Success in the Investment Management Industry

By Suzanne Duncan

Senior Vice President,
Global Head of Research State Street Corporation Center for Applied Research

Suzanne spoke at the NAREIM 2015 Executive Officer Fall Meeting, where she helped members examine many assumptions and quest

Question: How do you report leases not yet in effect?

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SAS 70 / SSAE 16 Compliance

Can anyone who has experience with going through the SAS 70 / SSAE 16 compliance process share their thoughts on the process or offer any guidance for an orginaization taking the initial steps?

Expenses expected to rise in 2019

Real estate investment managers are expected to see post-bonus EBITDA margins compress further in 2019, as research begins on the 2019 NAREIM/FPL Associates Global Management Survey.

Expenses at real estate investment management firms are

2015 A&IT Slides

From the Accounting & IT discussion, we have made available slides available:


Real Estate Markets Discussion:

Scary Stories- Jim Costello, Real Capital Analytics


Accounting Update:

Update on Lease Accounting - Char

Interest Rates and Real Estate Capitalization Rates on the Rise

By Jack Corgel, Ph. D.
School of Hotel Administration
Cornell University



Questions about near-term interest rates levels have become particularly difficult to answer with the importance of factoring in both future econo

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