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Build for the People Who Live There

By Gunnar Branson

Paul Meadows, the CEO of Atlanta Beltline Inc. recently spoke to the NAREIM Asset & Portfolio Management meeting. Over the last few years, his group has transformed some of the most troubled, overlooked or discou

Sharing the Future City

By Gunnar Branson, NAREIM CEO

“We enter a new era.  Are we ready for the changes that are coming?  … In the perspective of fifty years hence, the historian will detect in (this decade) a period of criticism, unrest, and dissatisfaction to th

R&I Report: Knowledge Workers Attempt to Make the Unknown Known

“Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.”
– Wernher von Braun


Unlike von Braun, real estate investors don’t build rockets, but the construction of a strong, safe, and successful real estate portfo

The Rise of Coworking: The Momentum behind Flexible, Ultra-Short Leasing Strategies

By Rebecca Green, Master's of Real Estate '14, Cornell University

While completing studies to earn her Master’s of Real Estate from Cornell University, Rebecca Green also conducted extensive, original research which has earned her notable distin

What Surprises You?

By Gunnar Branson,
CEO & President of NAREIM

These are good times for real estate, so why do we all feel so anxious? 2014 was a banner year with lower unemployment, lower cap rates and higher purchase prices than anyone thought possib

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