Leading in times of change - traits and where the next gen will come from

Firms are having to rethink strategies for attracting and retaining talent, for succession planning and for ensuring the longevity of their organization within a growing industry. NAREIM and Ferguson speak to BGO, Clarion, Green Cities & Waterton.

The great REIM disruption? Local knowledge trumps tech.

While the real estate industry should finally become more efficient post-Covid, local knowledge and experience still trumps technology in producing outsized returns and best-in-class real estate investment managers. By Fulcrum Global Investors.

In the news: CRE Firms Place More Women, Minorities in Top Roles

CPE article: The representation of women and minority professionals at the executive management level in commercial real estate went on a notable upswing over the past four years, according to the latest NAREIM D&I survey,

Diversity & Inclusion: An interview with GCM Grosvenor

GCM Grosvenor opens up its data correlating performance and diversity and reveals there is no sacrifice of returns when investing in diverse real estate managers. A study of more than 250 diverse managers from 2012 through 2018 found an IRR or MOIC outperformance above industry benchmarks.

NAREIM to launch the industry’s first corporate D&I benchmark

NAREIM to launch the first corporate diversity and inclusion benchmark for real estate investment management. All investment managers are invited to participate.

Return-to-office plans largely voluntary until January 2021: member survey

Real estate investment managers which have started returning to the office have reduced capacity significantly – to just 25% and no more than 50% of normal employees present – with many NAREIM members saying any office return remains voluntary, and will likely stay that way, through the end of the year.

Rotations, collaborations and creating a bubble of health

How is the real estate investment management industry beginning the process of returning to the office? Slowly and very cautiously, say NAREIM members. It's all about creating a bubble of health where employees can feel comfortable.

6 steps to an inclusive culture post-Covid

As managers bring back employees into the physical office en-masse, they should embrace 6 DEI principles as part of their firm's daily practice. Belay Investment Group explains the tactics.

The future of real estate looks much more inclusive. Letter from Zoe Hughes

As we look to our post-Covid future, societal, racial, health inequities will be highlighted more and more. Calls to action — from our tenants, from our investors and our employees — will grow. Our challenge today is how to address them.

New: 2021 NAREIM Diversity & Inclusion Survey results

Women and minority professionals represented 15% of executive management positions, respectively, in real estate investment management, the 2021 NAREIM Diversity & Inclusion Survey has revealed.

NAREIM's Year in Review: Three-fold increase in value

2020 was a year when everything changed. To pay tribute to the hard work, successes and innovation that took place in 2020, NAREIM has compiled key takeaways from its meetings, benchmarking surveys and member polls and articles to provide a review of the work of members and their teams.

NAREIM Diversity & Inclusion survey to be launched Sept 9

Real Estate Alert article: NAREIM, the trade group for commercial real estate investors, is preparing to survey firms about the gender and racial makeup of their staffs - to help create a roadmap to increasing diversity.

Covid testing will be game changer & necessary for all employers

Covid testing will be the “game-changer” in returning teams back to the office successfully and rebuilding team connections – and NAREIM members need to seriously consider viral and antibody tests in their Covid-mitigation strategies.

Member Survey: Covid-19 - Returning to the office

A third of real estate investment managers will start returning in some form to their offices starting in June and running through July, according to a member survey. A few firms are targeting dates in May, while many are still undecided. Download the full member survey here.

Real estate investment managers experience mixed recovery from COVID-19

Real estate investment management net AUM growth slowed to 6% in 2020 - the first slowdown since 2016 for the NAREIM Global Management Survey. Read the key takeaways here.

Tying manager performance to DEI key strategy for improvement outside of recruitment

Recruitment of diverse talent is the top strategy for improving DEI - followed by tying manager performance to DEI metrics and implementing mentoring programs.

Diversity & Inclusion. An interview with StepStone Group

StepStone Group’s Global Head of Responsible Investing, Suzanne Tavill, says that the real estate sector is such an important employer that, by addressing D&I, the sector can have a material impact on improving social equity.

E-Leadership, the office pipeline, and Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Executive Officer meeting 2020 presentations. The meeting highlighted best practices on remote leadership, outlook on office impacts and effects of racial inequality in our country.

NAREIM D&I survey to be launched Sept 9

NAREIM, the trade group for commercial real estate investors, is preparing to survey firms about the gender and racial makeup of their staffs - as part of industry efforts to create a roadmap to increasing diversity.

Tracing Covid-19 risks as you plan a return to the office

Communication remains key as real estate investment managers consider ways to minimize exposure risk to Covid-19 upon returning to the office – and trace potential new outbreaks.