Apr 27, 8:00 AM EDT
New York, NY

The NAREIM Sustainability meeting is your opportunity to network with peers and enjoy candid conversations on the realities of scaling and growing the real estate investment management organization of today. 

Small group discussions and roundtable sessions is the key to our content. We provide relaxed networking opportunities, where the focus is on friendship and discovering the personality behind the corporate name. And of course, NAREIM is about candid conversations. You come to NAREIM to learn - and share. NAREIM is about the sharing of best practice ideas, solutions, challenges and opinions. It's a place to explore new ideas among peers and friends. That will be no different in 2022.

Registration fee: $750

The 2022 agenda will be announced shortly. Check back for updates. The meeting times are below:

April 26, 2022 

  • 5.30pm-late: Networking dinner and activity

April 27, 2022

  • 8am-3.30pm: Meeting content, roundtables and peer discussions

In 2021, the Sustainability meeting covered: 

Climate-risk data. What's out there? How are we using it?

Deep dive discussion among peers and experts to understand the landscape of available climate-related risk data and its quality. We ask, what’s out there – is it worth checking out? And once you pick your provider, what then? Through case study review of providers, and closed-door whole room conversation among members, we highlight how firms are using climate-risk data, what stage of the process they are at, and the compromises you have to make with all data.

11am: Welcome comments

  • Chair of the NAREIM Sustainability Committee: Mona Benisi, Global Head of Sustainability Real Assets, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing.


11.05am: Meet the providers. Three providers, three slides, 10-mins

Three climate-risk data providers discuss their models, their assumptions and their business plans.


  • Speakers:

    • Etienne Cadestin​, Founder and Global CEO, Longevity Partners

    • Ken O'Brien, Executive Director, Real Estate, MSCI    

    • Rohan Hamden, CEO, XDI          

Members gain valuable insights into the differences of each, learning:

  • Provider approaches physical risk, transitional and physical risk, regulatory risk and hazards

  • Provider approaches to what is included in their models, and what is not

  • Key questions to ask providers about models, assumptions and results


Member-only discussion

For members and managers only.

12pm: Poll: Who are you using? How long is the contract for?

Live poll to understand the key service providers members are using in relation to climate-risk data - and how long the contracts are for?

12.10pm: What does it all mean? How are managers using climate-risk data in their firms?

  • Whole room discussion focused on:

    • Goals: Why are you using climate-risk data? Is the data required for due diligence, or portfolio management and construction strategies? How do you use climate-risk data for value-add investing, vs core investing?

    • Analysis: Is the data even good enough?

    • Reporting: How do you communicate the data to the team, investors and C-suite.

    • Action and execution: What makes the data a success? Who uses and owns the data/application of the data in the investment process? 


1pm: Morning session concludes. Lunch

Afternoon session:

2pm-4pm ET

ESG benchmarking — of your teams, process and operations

NAREIM members conduct live polling and breakout group discussion to understand how peers are executing on ESG strategies within their organizations — and what the teams, resources, process and policies look like to create the best environment for ESG to be a success for the firm, irrespective of size, scale or maturity.

2pm: Welcome comments

2.05pm: Setting the scene: What does the ESG landscape look like within real estate investment management?

  • Industry peer-group analysis: Mona Benisi, Global Head of Sustainability Real Assets, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing.

2.20pm: What does your team and process look like?

Live polling of attendees and feedback discussion. 

2.30pm: Whole room case study and Q&A: What does ESG look like across the maturity curve?

Real estate investment management case studies highlighting the challenges and successes of their ESG evolution and strategy; their commitments and targets; how they work and incentivize JV partners; the resources they have at their disposal - and how those resources shape what they can, and cannot, execute upon. Managers will also answer questions on reporting and business integration and process.


Each manager will outline their evolution and approach through short 7-min presentations to members, followed by open Q&A.

  • Jill Brosig, Chief Impact Officer, Harrison Street Real Estate (Sector focus: Senior living and student housing)

  • Hannah Tillmann, Vice President, Sustainability, Berkshire Residential (Sector focus: Multifamily)

  • Anne Peck, Head of Architecture & Engineering, AEW Capital Management (Sector focus: Diversified)

  • Ying Yu, Senior Vice President, ESG & Sustainability, Prologis (Sector focus: Industrial)

3.30pm: Breakout room discussion and reporting back

In breakout groups, members discuss the key challenges and priorities they are working on and dig deep into the real-time solutions and best practices. Each breakout group leader will take notes and report on their roundtable conversations in a whole room feedback round after the breakout session. Each breakout group will be limited to 6 people. Video is highly recommended. 

4pm: Concluding remarks



530 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10036

NAREIM does not have a hotel room block for the Sustainability Meeting. Hotel recommendations will be announced shortly. 


2021 committee members

Chair: Mona Benisi, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

Co-chair: Jill Brosig, Harrison Street Real Estate

Co-chair: Uma Pattarkine, CenterSquare Investment Management


Committee members:

Anne Peck, TA Realty

Thomas Rucker & Hannah Tillmann, Berkshire Residential Investments

Rachel Woolf, Blue Vista Capital Partners

Elena Alschuler, LaSalle Investment Management

Mark Vollmer, New York Life Real Estate Investors

Jessica Long & Nichole Wiley, Nuveen Real Estate

Bob Geiger & Tony Liou, Partner Engineering and Science

Arielle Birenberg, Stockbridge Capital Group

June Munshi, The CenterCap Group

Alexander Hlavacek, The Inland Real Estate Group

Thomas Enger, UBS Real Estate

Past Agendas

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