Through roundtable discussions and presentations, members share insights into the development and implementation of enterprise-wide sustainability policies, including discussions on the path to net zero as well as case studies on resiliency in real estate investment management.


Day 1: Tuesday, September 22

Step by step. The path to net zero targets & evolving regulatory environment

What does it mean to be carbon neutral and how can companies/firms get accelerate the path to carbon neutral? Is it 100% renewable energy, or how much will offsets play a role? And how are you getting your tenants involved and effectively monitoring and incentivizing their energy use? We will also discuss an update on how cities are implementing environmental regulations and its impact on real estate investment managers. Roundtable discussion and case studies focused on goals, definitions and material benefits to the asset and portfolio, and the different approaches to execute on the sustainability roadmap.​


4pm: Welcome comments

  • NAREIM Leader: Jim Landau, Director, MetLife

  • Stina Dakers, Head of programming, NAREIM


4:05pm: Net zero carbon mandatory and voluntary programs, various definitions, challenges and trends with CodeGreen Solutions

  • Speaker: Christopher Cayten, Senior Director Strategic Growth, CodeGreen Solutions


4:25pm: Case study review: Net carbon plan, status, goals and challenges

  • Speaker: Jim Landau, Director, Metlife

  • Speaker: Laura Craft, SVP, Head of Global ESG Strategy, Heitman

Peer networking

  • Welcome comments 

  • Format: Small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 20-minutes

  • BYOB: Bring your own beverage and join other members to discuss day one's focus of net zero carbon

Day 2: Thursday, September 24

Assessing and measuring resiliency and physical risk.

What does it mean to have a resilient portfolio or property? How are investors evaluating physical risk? What are the elements to an effective physical risk assessment? Should your firm create a mandatory ESG assessment and what should it include? Panel discussion with case studies.

4pm: Welcome comments and Introduction

  • NAREIM Leader: Eric Duchon, Global Head of Sustainability, LaSalle Investment Management

4:10pm: Panel Discussion - What actions owners are taking to address risks across investment strategy, acquisitions, and asset management, inclusive of insurance implications at both acquisition and asset management.

  • Panelist: Meghan Johnson, Senior Analyst, The Climate Service

  • Panelist: Jessica Long, Director of Sustainability, US Real Estate, Nuveen

  • Panelist: Kevin Scroggin, Director, Risk Management, LaSalle Investment Management

    • Moderator: Eric Duchon, G​lobal Head of Sustainability, LaSalle Investment Management

Day 3: Tuesday, September 29

Heath and Wellness

Green building and sustainability have been enduring trends in the industry for the past couple of decades. However, as the real estate space continues to transform especially due to Covid, this topic takes on increasing importance as we look at overall societal, economic and cultural changes.More portfolios and buildings are participating in health and wellness practices and certifications are becoming more aware of how a healthy indoor environment can positively affect employee happiness, which directly links to worker productivity. Is the health and wellness movement incorporated into your operations?

4:00pm: Introduction and Case study: Strategic approach to health and wellness

  • NAREIM Leader: Jill Brosig, Chief Impact & Sustainability Officer, Harrison Street

4:20pm: Peer to peer conversations: The acceleration of health and wellness initiatives

​Topic A: How do we truly measure health and wellness?

  • Specific to health and wellness, will healthy building certifications be important?

  • Given the pandemic has caused us all to think differently about how our businesses will operate in the future, what are some of the immediate and near term changes you will incorporate? 

  • What physical changes will occur, e.g. will upgrades and monitoring of indoor air quality systems be prioritized?  How will behaviors change in addition to changes to the physical building? 

  • Are Green Policy Sourcing playing bigger roles?  What, if anything, is being considered above and beyond CDC and the like recommendations?

Topic B: How will you differentiate your firm?

  • What new technologies, products, services or protocols are you using to combat Covid and longer term to differentiate yourself?  Is the health and wellness movement incorporated into your operations?

  • What are you doing differently to market to tenants?  How does health and wellness play into the messaging?


Topic C:​ Member-initiated discussion

5:00pm: Whole room discussion


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2020 pLanning committee members

  1. Anne Peck, AEW Capital Management

  2. Anna Murray, BentallGreenOak

  3. Cathy Bernstein, BlackRock

  4. Tim Preisenhammer , Carbon Lighthouse

  5. Laura Craft, Heitman

  6. Jill Brosig, Harrison Street

  7. Dianna Russo, JPMorgan

  8. Eric Duchon, LaSalle Investment Management (Chair)

  9. Jim Landau, MetLife Investment Management

  10. Mark Vollmer, NY Life Real Estate Investor

  11. Michael Hoyt, PCCP

  12. David De Vos, PGIM Real Estate

  13. John Seaton, RealFoundations (Vice Chair)

  14. Thomas Enger, UBS Real Estate

  15. Consolato Gattuso, Zeller Realty

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