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june rent collections

Rent collections in June were more than 600 basis points higher than initial collections in April and May, according to the latest NAREIM member survey. A survey of NAREIM members, conducted between June 18 and 24, revealed an average portfolio-wide collection of 90.8%, compared to 84% for initial collections in April and 83% initial collections in May. The data also showed strong performance across the major property types of industrial, multifamily and office, with retail improving month-over-month. Read more here.


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"There is no other organization like NAREIM that focuses on managing an investment management business and these insights are needed now more than ever through these turbulent market conditions."

Ryan Krauch, Partner, Mesa West Capital

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Rent collections in June top 90% - more than 600bp higher than initial April, May collections

Asset Management

Rent collections in June were more than 600 basis points higher than initial collections in April and May, according to the latest NAREIM member survey.

Evolving hospitality: hotels in the internet era


By having creative concepts that cater to each corner of the market, big brand hotels are well- positioned to withstand changing consumer tastes and the threat of Airbnb. Peter Laskey of Barclay Fellow discusses the short-term and long-term outlook.

Diversity & Inclusion: An interview with Carnegie Corporation

Talent Management

Alisa Mall, the real estate head of Carnegie Corporation of New York, calls on managers to become “mentally, emotionally and financially committed to diversity” to create a culture that values diversity of thought to drive performance.

Rent collections could decline another 15% in May

Asset Management

Almost half of all real estate investment managers expected May rent collections to be 10% and 15% below those of April, which declined on average 16%, according to a new NAREIM survey.

Rotations, collaborations and creating a bubble of health


How is the real estate investment management industry beginning the process of returning to the office? Slowly and very cautiously, say NAREIM members. It's all about creating a bubble of health where employees can feel comfortable.

30 years of change: The key remains talent


As NAREIM marks its 30th anniversary, we asked five founding members including AEW, Clarion Partners, Northwestern, PGIM, and Cornerstone Real Estate to discuss the biggest structural changes over the past three decades and to look ahead to the largest challenges that will impact real estate investment management.

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