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Dedicated to the benchmarking and best practice sharing of business and organizational strategies in real estate investment management

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In association with Ferguson Partners, NAREIM produces four proprietary research reports on the following:

  • Compensation

  • Org strategy & EBITDA margins

  • DEI

  • Defined Contribution (DC) capital raising & structruing


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Latest News

2025: insurance strategies & staffing

Almost one-third of real estate investment managers are using or considering self-insurance/captive insurance products as they battle against unprecedented P&C insurance costs, the latest NAREIM member survey has revealed.


NAREIM's member survey on insurance staffing & resources, conducted between May 8 and May 17, asked about the prevalence of alternatives - and how firms were currently structuring and using internal staff and external resources to meet their coverage needs.


  • 31% of managers are participating or looking at self-insurance/captive programs, with another 10% participating or looking at split programs.

  • Almost two-thirds of firms have dedicated real estate insurance teams, with most teams having three FTEs.

  • Almost three-quarters of managers utilize third-party consultants in addition to brokers 

  • In terms of the top 3 brokers used: Marsh, AON and Gallagher.


Candid, peer-to-peer conversations and best practice sharing through in-person meetings and virtual roundtables across 10 functional groups: 

Architecture, Engineering & Development

Asset Management

Capital Raising & IR

Data & Information Management


Executive Officer

Legal, Compliance & Risk

Portfolio Management


Talent Management

"As Voya started down the road of being a third party CML manager one of the first steps we took was to join NAREIM. The forums, research and peer interaction has been invaluable to us and helped in our current success to date.""

greg Michaud

Head of real estate, voya investment management


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latest news

Changing the script: Train future leaders beyond the day-to-day technical skills


May 20, 2024

By focusing on the "missing middle" of mid-career talent - and training future leaders in human skills that go beyond the technical skills needed for day-to-day work, real estate invvestment managers will build a slate of diverse executive leaders. Read the first NAREIM Manager's Perspectives article by Haley Donato, Senior Vice President of Asset Management & Finance at Continental Realty Corporation.

AI Unleashed


March 25, 2024

NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellow on developments in artificial intelligence that have the potential to re-shape the future of real estate. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

Don't be the smartest person in the room; being different is a Superpower


May 10, 2024

Career happiness can come from not being the smartest person in the room but surrounding yourself by people smarter than and different to you. Who you work with is more important than where you work and what you do. Read the takeaways from the NAREIM LatinX RE Roundtable.

Why U.S. Real Estate Now


March 25, 2024

Rockpoint Group on how real estate offers opportunities for managers that actively enhance cash flows to increase property values in selected sectors. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue.

Make yourself seen and heard - and argue for your value


March 29, 2024

In order to progress, you need to make yourself “seen and heard” by adding value – and then “argue for your value”. And if you're not having uncomfortable conversations on opportunities, promotion and compensation, you are being undervalued. Read more key takeaways from the NAREIM Black Real Estate Roundtable.

NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2024 Issue Is Out


March 25, 2024

NAREIM’s Spring 2024 issue of Dialogues highlights building and operating a retail capital capability and what managers should know about accessing this channel. Download the latest edition here.

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