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In association with Ferguson Partners, NAREIM produces four proprietary research reports on the following:

  • Compensation

  • Enterprise and organizational management

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Coming in 2021 - defined contribution capital raising, structuring and organizational best practices


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of Executive management are women, minorities respectively

NAREIM, together with Ferguson Partners, has released the first corporate diversity

and inclusion benchmark for real estate investment management. From the data:

  • 15% of executive management positions are held by women, up from 12% in 2017

  • 15% of executive management positions are held by minorities, up from 10% in 2017


The benchmark continues the work of NAREIM’s benchmarking research and breaks down gender and ethnicity across seniority and job functions. 

Read the executive summary and overview here.


Candid, peer-to-peer conversations and best practice sharing through practitioner and executive officer meetings and online roundtables. 

"There is no other organization like NAREIM that focuses on managing an investment management business and these insights are needed now more than ever through these turbulent market conditions."

Ryan Krauch, Executive managing director, USAA Real estate

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June is start of return to office for real estate investment managers

Talent Management

May 20, 2021

21% of managers earmark June as the date for most employees to return to the office, 26% look to July or August and third eye September for a majority return, says NAREIM Return to the Office survey.

Boosting NOI with building tech, 5G, rooftop leasing and wi-fi networking

Architecture & Engineering

April 30, 2021

From rooftop leasing, 5G, centralized wi-fi networks and fiber management, managing building technology can increase NOI. With Partner Engineering

The risk of inaction on health and well-being outweighs the risk of action, says Harrison St, Heitman, Kilroy, WELL


April 30, 2021

While research around the ROI of health and well-being measures is gathering pace, senior ESG executives argue that, in the aftermath of a global pandemic, this is the time to take action. Health and well-being is about the safety and security of tenants and users.

Retail as a service, with brands using CRE to test products, will emerge stronger post-Covid.

Asset Management

April 30, 2021

Amazon does have a glass ceiling in terms of its e-commerce growth - and will need bricks and mortar. So what does retail in the future look like? Nuveen's Manuel Martin explains it's about retail as a service, pop-up, necessity and omni-channel.

Finding reporting best practices at the asset level. NAREIM roundtable with Equus, Nuveen, NCREIF

Asset Management

April 30, 2021

How do you report asset and investment-level performance and attribution? What and how do you communicate that to investors, consistently? NCREIF's new task force on asset-level reporting best practices has been launched to find the low-hanging fruit and what the benefit to investors and managers will be. They chat with NAREIM.

The great REIM disruption? Local knowledge trumps tech.


April 30, 2021

While the real estate industry should finally become more efficient post-Covid, local knowledge and experience still trumps technology in producing outsized returns and best-in-class real estate investment managers. By Fulcrum Global Investors.