NAREIM members work together to solve some of real estate investment management's most pressing business challenges. Through function and topic-specific committees, members develop best practice solutions, content for peer-led roundtable discussion and ideas for further collaborative engagement across our industry. For more information, contact Stina Dakers, NAREIM's head of programming. 

executive committees 2021

NAREIM Board of Directors

membership committee

Chair: Ryan Krauch, Mesa West Capital 

Vice Chair: Jane Page, Lionstone Investments

Treasurer: Scott Brown, Fulcrum Global Investors

Chair Emeritus: Amy Price, BentallGreenOak

John Ockerbloom, Barings Real Estate Advisors

Russ Bates, Cedar Hall Capital

Jeff Newman, IDS Real Estate

Tim Kessler, LaSalle Investment Management

Bobby Bransfield, Prologis

Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital 

Chair: Jeff Giller, StepStone Real Estate

Vice Chair: Kathy Briscoe, Dermody Properties

Erick Harris, Blue Vista Capital

Scott Brown, Fulcrum Global Investors

Jeff Newman, IDS Real Estate

Tim Kessler, LaSalle Investment Management

Bryan Thornton, PCCP

Bobby Bransfield, Prologis

June Munshi, The CenterCap Group

Tiffany Gherlone, UBS Realty

Greg Michaud, Voya Investment

inclusion & Diversity committee

Chair: Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital 
Vice Chair: Reisa Bryan, Nuveen Real Estate 

Anne Peck, AEW Capital Management
Alexandra Williams, Barings Real Estate

Chasity Boyce, Barings Real Estate

Kelsey Harstad, Belay Investment Group

Justinn Wheatley-West, BentallGreenOak
Jennifer Licciardi, Berkshire Residential
Erick Harris, Blue Vista
Stuart Bernstein, CapRidge Partners

June Mnushi, The CenterCap Group

Dave Kutayiah, Clarion Partners
Kathy Briscoe, Dermody Property

Tyler Scheppman, Dermody Property

Helen Rivero, Gemini Rosemont Commercial Real Estate

Rachna Velamati, Heitman

Sally Stocks, Invesco Real Estate

Deena Goodman, PGIM Real Estate
Ken Dubas, Principal Real Estate Investors

Corey Turner, Waterton Associates

* Sub-committees comprise: Diversity & Inclusion Survey; Partnerships; Resources & Best Practices.

Chair: David Skinner, PGIM Real Estate

Vice Chair: Jani Venter, JPMorgan Asset Management

Brian Lambert, AEW Capital Management

Tim Bolla, BentallGreenOak

Larry Mohr, CBRE Global Investors

Scott Spalding, CBRE Global Investors

Michael O’Connor, Clarion Partners

Sam Bendix, National Real Estate Advisors

Sara Shean, PGIM Real Estate

Jennifer Perkins, Principal Real Estate Investors

Kara Foley, UBS Realty

Defined contribution taskforce

in partnership with DCREC

Program committees

asset & portfolio management committee 2021

John Ockerbloom & John Kennedy, Barings

Rob Naso & Dara Friedman, BentallGreenOak

Allison McFaul, LaSalle Investment Management

Derrick McGavic, Newport Capital

Shilp Shah, Nuveen

Bob Geiger & Greg Souder, Partner Engineering and Science

Frank Garcia, PGIM

Daryl Pitts, Saxony/Pereview Software

Brent McFerren, RealFoundations

Chris Barbier & Alex McGillivary, Yardi Systems

Acquistisions committee 2020

Chair: Ari Abramson, Continental Realty Corporation

Tess Gruenstein, Bailard

Dan Ethridge, The Brookdale Group

Elizabeth Peacock, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ross Berry, New York Life Real Estate Investors

Gary Cohn, Partner Engineering & Science

Ian Christ, PGIM Real Estate 

Tim Bodner, PwC

Ram Odedra, UBS Real Estate

architecture & engineering

committee 2020

Chair: Tony Calderone, Nuveen Real Estate 

Anne Peck, AEW Capital Management

Jerry Speltz, Barings Real Estate

Steven Majich, BentallGreenOak

Charlotte Helvestine, Carbon Lighthouse

Jim Kennedy, JPMorgan Asset Management

Chris Wilson, LaSalle Investment Management

Bob Geiger, Partners Engineering

Brian Bennett, Northwestern Mutual

Beh Herter, Nuveen Real Estate

Jeff Fraulino, UBS Global Asset Management

Capital Raising & IR Committee 2020

Todd Fowler, American Realty Advisors

Ben Lathrop, Bailard, Inc.

Marty Alston, Brennan Investments

June Munshi, CenterCap Group

Marcia Glass, CenterSquare Investment Management

Melissa Brown, Harrison Street

Jessica Hobbs, Mesa West Capital

Sam Bendix, National Real Estate Advisors

Michelle Wells, Waterton

Chris Barbier/Scott Tavolacci, Yardi

executive officer committee 2021

Chair, NAREIM Board of Directors: Ryan Krauch, Mesa West Capital

Co-chair: Travis Pritchett, Harbert Management Corporation

Co-chair: Todd Everett, Principal Real Estate Investors

Christopher Nichols, Berkshire Residential Investments

Jonathan Epstein, BentallGreenOak

Stuart Bernstein, CapRidge Partners

David Donato, Continental Realty Group

Kathleen Briscoe, Dermody Properties

Elizabeth Peacock, Deloitte

Matt Reidy, Fremont Realty Capital

Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square

Ross Berry, New York Life Real Estate Investors

Reisa Bryan, Nuveen Real Estate

Daryl Pitts, Pereview Software/Saxony 

Frank Garcia, PGIM Real Estate

Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital Group

June Munshi, The CenterCap Group

Greg Michaud, Voya Investment Management

Rick Hurd, Waterton Associates

legal & compliance committee 2020

Chair: Jennifer Cattier, Neuberger Berman/Almanac Realty Advisors

Wendy Dodson Gallegos, Mayer Brown

​Erin Ankin, Waterton Associates

sustainability committee 2021

Chair: Mona Benisi, Morgan Stanley

Co-chair: Jill Brosig, Harrison Street

Co-chair: Uma Pattarkine, CenterSquare Investment Management

Anne Peck, AEW Capital Management

Thomas Rucker & Hannah Tillmann, Berkshire Residential 

Rachel Woolf, Blue Vista Capital Partners

Harris Cohn, Carbon Lighthouse

Elena Alschuler, LaSalle Investment Management

Mark Vollmer, New York Life Real Estate Investors

Jessica Long & Nichole Wiley, Nuveen

Bob Geiger & Tony Liou, Partner Engineering and Science

John Seaton, RealFoundations

Arielle Birenberg, Stockbridge Capital Group

June Munshi, The CenterCap Group

Alexander Hlavacek, The Inland Real Estate Group

Thomas Enger, UBS Real Estate

talent management committee 2020

Chair: Stacey Nyenbrink, Harrison Street Real Estate

Jennifer Licciardi, Berkshire Residential

Justinn West-Wheatley, BentallGreenOak

Brandy Fulton, Carmel Partners

Dave Kutayiah, Clarion Partners

Sherrida Traynham, Clarion Partners

Darlin Scelzo, LaSalle Investment Management

Lisa Kizina, National Real Estate Advisors

data strategy committee 2021

Chair: Christopher Gilene, Invesco Real Estate

Co-chair: Courtney Lee, UBS 

Co-chair: Jim Valente, RealFoundations

Kristin Barron, Barings 

Chris Nichols, Berkshire Residential Investments

Elizabeth Peacock, Deloitte Consulting

Richard Rowell, Lionstone Investments

Scott Cross, Nuveen Real Estate

Breanna Flake Guntert, Saxony/Pereview Partners

Mike Goodwin, Stockbridge Capital Group

Joe Ehrenfeld, USAA Real Estate Company

Chris Barbier & Eileen Clifford, Yardi Systems

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