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NAREIM members work together to solve some of real estate investment management's most pressing business challenges. They do that through NAREIM Committees, developing discussions for meetings and pushing industry best practices through our benchmarking research.


This work is lead by two executive committees, three benchmarking committees and 10 functional group committees, the members for whom work hard each year on content and discussions, on the development and improvement of NAREIM benchmarking and on the success of NAREIM now and in the future. To get involved in any of NAREIM's Committees, reach out to IvyLee Rosario, NAREIM’s Head of Programs, at

We thank everyone for all their hard work creating safe spaces so everyone can share what is working, and what is not, and driving improvements for all.

executive committees 

Board of Directors

Chair: Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

Vice Chair: Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital 

Treasurer: Tim Kessler, LaSalle Investment Management

Michael Byrne, AEW Capital Management

Julie Ingersoll, CBRE Investment Management

Kathy Briscoe, Dermody Properties

Reisa Bryan, Path Management/Nuveen Real Estate

Bryan Thornton, PCCP

Jeff Giller, StepStone Group

Tiffany Gherlone, UBS Realty


Chair: David Donato, Continental Realty Corporation

Lauren O’Neil, AEW Capital Management

Peter Stelian, Blue Vista Capital

Kara Brown, Cabot Properties

Travis Pritchett, Harbert Management Corporation

Jill Brosig, Harrison Street Real Estate 

Bert Crouch, Invesco Real Estate

Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square

Sean Ruhmann, TA Realty

Deb Smith, The CenterCap Group

Greg Michaud, Voya Investment

Benchmarking committees 

Defined contribution 
in partnership with DCREC

Chair: Jani Venter, JPMorgan Asset Management

Vice Chair: Sara Shean, PGIM Real Estate

Tim Bolla, BGO

Scott Spalding, CBRE Global Investors

Michael O’Connor, Clarion Partners

Greg Jenkins, Invesco 

Ben Kanne, National Real Estate Advisors

Diane Smola, Principal Real Estate Investors 

Hank Midgley/Pamela Yu/Jennifer Dumas Hall, Rockpoint Group

Kara Foley, UBS Realty


Chair: Jim Strezewski, Blue Vista Capital Management

Co-Chair: Vadim Blikshteyn, Torchlight Investors

Lauren O'Neil, AEW Capital Management

Kara Brown, Cabot Properties

Crystal Frey, Continental Realty Corporation

Jonathan Romick, GEM Realty
Tanya Oblak, Rockpoint Group


Chair: Rachna Velamati, Heitman
Vice Chair: Reisa Bryan, Path Management/Nuveen Real Estate 

Kayla Bolton, Alidade Capital

Alexandra Williams, Barings Real Estate

Chasity Boyce, Barings Real Estate

Kelsey Harstad, Belay Investment Group

Justinn Wheatley-West, BGO
Jennifer Licciardi, Berkshire Residential
Stuart Bernstein, CapRidge Partners

Dave Kutayiah, Clarion Partners
Kathy Briscoe/Tyler Scheppman, Dermody Properties

Deena Goodman, PGIM Real Estate

Pat Bailey, Principal Real Estate Investors

Anne Peck, TA Realty

Allen Rubin, Unico Properties

Program committees

architecture, engineering & Development

Chair: Jenalyn Groeschel, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Anne Faeth-Boyd, Aegon Asset Management
Matt Christy, AEW Capital Management
Andrew Coats, Barings Real Estate Advisors
Belinda Bail, BGO
Casey Kuroda, CBRE Investment Management
Sam Filisko, ECS
Dave Ridley, JPMorgan Asset Management
Paul D'Alto, MetLife Investment Management
Bob Geiger & Gary Cohn, Partner Engineering & Science
Cons Gattuso, Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Kerem Kuroglu, Prologis
Anne Peck, TA Realty
Joel Villamil, UBS Realty Investors

Ty Barker, Unico Properties

asset Management 

Co-Chair: Haley Donato, Continental Realty Corporation

Co-Chair: Jason Acosta, Nuveen Real Estate

Sara Owen, Alidade Capital

Anil Erdem, BGO

Joseph Mancuso, CBRE Investment Management

Rick Bierbower, Comstock Companies

Leyla Leblebici, GEM Realty Capital 

Erick Bracero Serrano, Kingbird Investment Management

Mike Daniszewski, MetLife Investment Management 

Eric Lind, PCCP LLC

Michael Henry, Stockbridge Capital Group

Jake Sneed, Voya Investment Management

Capital Raising & Investor relations

Co-Chair: Reza Basharzad, Clarion Partners 

Co-Chair: Sayuri Khandavilli, Nuveen Real Estate

Ben Lathrop, Bailard, Inc.

Steve Chase & Ashley Caldis, Blue Vista Capital Partners

Tyler Scheppmann, Dermody Properties

Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square

Jeana Corker, MetLife Investment Management

Michelle Johnstone, National Real Estate Advisors

Christie Philbrick-Wheaton, New York Life Real Estate Investors

Marcus Berry, TA Realty

Ben Meltzer, Voya Investment Management

Eileen Clifford, Yardi Systems

Data & Information Management 

Co-Chair: Pete Schow, Affinius Capital

Co-Chair: Armel Traore dit Nignan, Principal Asset Management

Francesco Munaco, Alidade Capital

Brandy Daniel, BH Equities

Andrew Dwyer, Juniper Square

Sach Diwan, LaSalle Investment Management

Kathleen Hurley, Madison International Realty 

Ben Tremblay, Nuveen Real Estate

Rish Gosine, Pennybacker Capital

Mike Goodwin & Michael Craft, Stockbridge Capital Group

Doug Prickett, Transwestern Investment Group

Vicki Dodig, Yardi Systems

executive officer 

Chair: Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital 

Co-Chair: Bryan Thornton, PCCP

Co-Chair: Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate

James Pinkerton, Bailard

Shawn Kimble, Barings Real Estate Advisors

Molly Bordonaro, The Green Cities Company

Beth Zayicek, Invesco Real Estate

Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square

Thomas Beier, Pennybacker Capital

John Orrico, RealPage

Matt DeMonte, Revantage

latinx real estate roundtable 

Jazzel Aguirre, Affinius Capital

Adriana Cavalcante, Cabot Properties 

Pedro Nino, Clarion Partners

Johanna Montenegro, Continental Realty Corporation

Erick Bracero Serrano, Kingbird Investment Management

Nylz Reyes, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Carlos Burneo Barragan, Nuveen Real Estate

legal, compliance & Risk

Co-Chair: Kara Brown, Cabot Properties

Co-Chair: Jeffrey Morandi, Berkshire Residential

Noah Hampson, AEW Capital Management 

Jim Hurley, Artemis Real Estate Partners

Elena Branzburg, Broadshore Capital Partners

Penn Stabler, Clarion Partners

Stephanie Shack, Continental Realty Corporation

Emidio Morizio, Madison International Realty

Jacqueline Kelly, PwC

Marjan Foruzani, Unico Properties 

Todd Joseph, Waterton Associates

portfolio management 

Larissa Belova, CBRE Investment Management

Jake Lewis, GEM Realty Capital

Kate Davis, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital

Kate Bassett, Invesco Real Estate

Susan Kolasa, JPMorgan Asset Management

Lucas Kimmel, LaSalle Investment Management
Scott Dunphy, MetLife Investment Management

Melissa Reagen, Nuveen Real Estate

Jason Dean, Pennybacker Capital

Drew Stepanek, Stockbridge Capital Group
Scott Tavolacci, Yardi Systems


Co-Chair: Brittany Ryan, Nuveen Real Estate

Co-Chair: Hannah Tillmann, Berkshire Residential 

Karen Mahrous, Clarion Partners

Cassandra McFadden, Cortland

Lauren Winkler, The Green Cities Company

Jill Brosig, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital

Izzy Ballet, LaSalle Investment Management

Jim Landau, MetLife Investment Management

Tony Liou, Partner Engineering and Science

Megan Billingsley, Pennybacker Capital

Arielle Birenberg, Stockbridge Capital Group

Anne Peck, TA Realty

talent management 

Chair: Charlotte Flores, BH Management

Angela Gibbons & Christine Gilmore, Bell Partners
Justinn West-Wheatley, BGO 
Charlotte Flores, BH Management
Aimee Hughes, Cabot Properties
Lisa Giangrande & Sherrida Traynham, Clarion Partners
Dana Ricks, Continental Realty Corporation

Tia Price, Enterprise Community Partners
Sarah Thompson, GEM Realty Capital
Heather Nelson, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital
Andrea Miranda, National Equity Fund

Deena Goodman, PGIM Real Estate

Noemi Herrera & David Norman, Prologis
Megan Easley, Unico Properties
Courtney Brooks, Waterton Associates

To learn more about joining a NAREIM Committee, contact IvyLee Rosario, NAREIM's Head of Programs. To download the member benefits summary, click here.

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