Defined contribution Survey

In collaboration with the Defined Contribution Real Estate Council (DCREC) and Ferguson Partners, NAREIM provides an in-depth view of Defined Contribution (DC) capital raising and organizational metrics from the real estate manager perspective relating to scale and growth of DC offerings and the management of DC real estate vehicles. It also highlights five-year AUM growth and DC real estate capital flow trends for the sector.


The Survey also highlights DC investor appetite for private real estate strategies and offerings and explores increasing investor sophistication towards the asset class, and manager products.

For more information on participating in the survey and accessing the full Survey results, contact Zoe Hughes, NAREIM CEO.

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Survey Key takeaway:

Rising interest in DC from real estate investment managers

Almost half of real estate investment managers responding to the Defined Contribution Survey 2021 are actively managing DC capital within their real estate portfolios. Another 47% of managers are considering or actively developing offerings for the DC market. The scale of interest in the DC channel is growing every year.

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2021 DC Survey: executive summary

The above link is for the executive summary only.

For a copy of the full results, contact NAREIM

The 2021 DC Survey produced by DCREC-NAREIM-Ferguson Partners covers DC real estate capital raising and organizational metrics as well as breaking down trends, including AUM growth and DC real estate capital flows over the past five years. The goal of DCREC and NAREIM is to produce a single, comprehensive DC capital raising and organizational resource that NAREIM members can use to better understand, enter and scale successful DC real estate platforms. Click here to download.