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Compensation survey

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Proprietary research provides compensation of real estate investment managers. The report covers more than 150 individual position compensation reports, including, but not limited to, functions within:

  • Positions reported include: Executive management, accounting (corporate, portfolio/fund, property), asset management, capital markets, corporate marketing and communications, due diligence, engineering, environmental, finance, human resources, investor relations, capital raising, leasing, legal and compliance, portfolio management, property management, risk management, technology, transactions, valuations, debt and REIT securities.

Members participating in the Compensation Survey can access the full report and data pack through the Ferguson Partners member portal. Members can access executive summaries of the Compensation Survey below. NAREIM research is not for sale to non-members.

Note, only Executive Officers and designated personnel within NAREIM firms can access the Compensation Survey executive summaries and reports. For more information on participating in the survey and accessing the full reports, contact Zoe Hughes, NAREIM CEO.

Compensation Survey Reports

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