Global Management Survey

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Proprietary research benchmarking the organizational, financial and capital raising metrics of real estate investment managers. The report covers more than 65 individual data points, including, but not limited to:

  • Capital Raising and AUM: growth of net and gross AUM, total value of commitments, commitment growth YOY, capital raised as percentage of year-end AUM, investor concentration ratios.

  • Organizational Metrics: headcount growth, employees per $1bn AUM, employee breakdowns per function, per function and seniority, portfolio manager workloads (per account, psf, per GAV) acquisition officer workloads, asset manager workloads, outsourcing, average turnover, size and composition of executive committees and workloads and deal flows

  • Financial Metrics: YOY financial performance, EBITDA (pre- and post-bonus) margins, bonus pools, revenue and expense breakdowns.

Members participating in the Global Management Survey can access the full report through the Ferguson Partners member portal. To access the executive summaries, please use the link below. Note, access is restricted to designated personnel of NAREIM member firms only and Executive Officers.


For more information on participating in the survey and accessing the full reports, contact Zoe Hughes, NAREIM CEO.