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about NAREIM

NAREIM is the industry association dedicated to the business and organizational strategy of real estate investment management.


Founded in 1990, NAREIM today represents real estate investment management firms with combined assets under management of more than $2.8 trillion.

For 30 years, NAREIM has been the home of real estate investment management benchmarking and best practice education. Our focus is on peer-to-peer networking, where the only conversations are candid and brutally honest. You come to NAREIM to understand what is working and what is not working among peers. NAREIM is where you understand what the industry is really thinking.

We deliver that mission in two key ways: through highly interactive small group, roundtable meetings and through our benchmarking research. To learn more about becoming a member, contact NAREIM CEO, Zoe Hughes.


Check out what NAREIM members did in 2022:

  • 9 in-person meetings and 6 virtual connections 

  • See everyone involved in NAREIM’s two executive committees, three benchmarking committees and 11 functional group committees

  • Read key takeaways from NAREIM's 4 benchmarking reports produced with Ferguson Partners

  • Access NAREIM's four member pulse surveys covering return to work strategies; mid-year compensation adjustments; tech budgets; and asset management processes

  • Reconnect with the NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows and member contributions to NAREIM's biannual magazine, Dialogues

Portfolio & Asset Management
Data & Info Mgt
Talent Management
Architecture & Engineering
Portfolio & Asset Mgt
Executive Officer


NAREIM represents 12 functional areas within the real estate investment management firm, providing in-person and virtual connections for each group through the year.


  • The 12 functional areas covered include: Acquisitions; Architecture & Engineering; Asset Management; Capital Raising & IR; Data & Information Management; DEI; Executive Officer; Legal, Compliance & Risk; Marketing & Communications; Portfolio Management; Sustainability; Talent Management

NAREIM meetings are focused on small group, peer-to-peer networking where members share - openly and candidly - what is working and what is not working within their organizations. We do not host panels. We embrace roundtables for deep interaction and to help build lasting relationships among peers.

Feedback from one 2022 meeting: "I liked how collaborative the meeting was. It wasn't like past conferences I've been to where you just sit still and get lectured too for hours on end. Kudos to NAREIM for facilitating such a constructive and iterative environment." 


NAREIM’s work is lead by two executive committees, three benchmarking committees and 11 functional group committees.



Each year, NAREIM produces four benchmarking surveys, including:


  • Compensation: 400+ pages of individual position compensation reports, plus annual trends relating to base, bonus, long-term incentives, promote/carry, co-investment and benefits.

  • Global Management Survey: 65+ data points covering financial & EBITDA metrics, fund account terms and conditions, governance, revenue and expense ratios and organizational, staffing and workload metrics. Broken down by AUM and risk strategy.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 140+ pages of employee demographics broken down by gender, ethnicity, seniority and job functions, for real estate investment management, across North America, Europe and Asia, as well as DEI program practices.

  • Defined Contribution: DC capital raising volume for dedicated private real estate strategies, as well as liquidity, structures and staffing metrics.


NAREIM research is conducted in partnership with Ferguson Partners. NAREIM research is not for sale. Research is available to participating NAREIM members only.




NAREIM provides members the opportunity to ask fellow members questions relating to pressing organizational issues. These questions become NAREIM Member Pulse Surveys. Download the Technology Budgets & Spend member survey, released November 2022, here:


  • Innovation: Six out of 10 firms surveyed have a specific innovation budget as part of their annual tech spend.

  • Total spend: Two-thirds of managers with less than $5bn in AUM spend $2m to $4m per year on tech/IT, excluding salaries. One-fifth of firms spend more than $15m per year.

  • Tech budgets: 80% expected to increase tech budgets in 2023. Four in ten expected to increase budgets by 4% to 6%.

  • Consultants: Just 28% of firms spent more than 30% of the annual budget on specific consultants for tech/IT projects. Four in 10 spent more than half their tech budget on consultants handling lights on/run the business issues.

  • Click here to access the member survey.



Each year, NAREIM produces two magazines, takeaways from each meeting, one Resume Book, meeting attendee lists with emails and provides five graduates students the opportunity to network and engage with NAREIM members across all our functional groups. 




Fellows & RESUME book

Named after the late Jeff Barclay, former NAREIM chairman, CIO of Clarion Partners and head of Goldman Sachs' real estate group, the NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows award is given to five outstanding graduate students each year. The program affords a unique learning and networking opportunity to attend the Executive Officer meeting in October, as well as other NAREIM functional group meetings throughout the year, and the chance to be published in Dialogues magazine.

Also each year, NAREIM aggregates the resumes of undergraduate and graduate students studying real estate or with a strong business interest in real estate from across the US. In 2023, 530 students participated from Babson; Columbia; Cornell; DePaul ; MIT; Northwestern; UNC; USC and Wisconsin. 

For more information on NAREIM, email Zoe Hughes, CEO or download the member benefits summary here.

Twice a year, NAREIM members have the opportunity to contribute complimentary articles to Dialogues, NAREIM’s magazine which is distributed to more than 8,000 IREI Americas readers and more than 4,000 NAREIM members and friends of NAREIM. 


Professionally designed and edited, Dialogues stands out as a must-read magazine for real estate investment managers by real estate investment managers. Equivalent articles and advertising typically cost $12,000 to place. 

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