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NAREIM is dedicated to promoting leadership and management skills within the real estate investment management industry. By sharing business strategy best practices, members gain access to unrivaled case studies, research and news as well as the thought leadership of peers focused on driving returns at the asset, fund and enterprise level.


Appeal for vacant space for surge hospitals, NYC

Asset Management

New York City Economic Development Corporation is appealing to the commercial real estate industry for help sourcing 1msf vacant spaces to use as surge hospitals in the fight against coronavirus.

2019, a year of increased AUM growth, capital raising

Capital Raising

Net AUM increased 7% in the past year, with three out of four investment managers reporting overall increases, while capital raising grew 5% YOY, according to the latest NAREIM/FPL Global Management Survey.

Attracting Google by driving sustainability through partnerships


Collaboration between the various stakeholders of 500 West 2nd Street in Austin, Texas yielded ESG success, valuable lessons and a happy tenant by the name of Google. Jennifer McConkey and Joe Wanninger of Principal Real Estate Investors highlight the ESG strategy behind the deal.

Opportunities in purpose-built student housing


Analyzing parental guarantor income levels for students at four-year public universities can yield interesting insights, according to Harrison Street's Thomas Errath.

Download the article here. Opportunities in Purpose-Built Student Hous

Opportunities in Purpose Built Student Housing


Analyzing parental guarantor income levels for students at four-year public universities can yield interesting insights. For Harrison Street it helped understand the recurring question about the relationship and income differentials bet

Driving asset value during a time of economic change

Asset Management

Actionable data improves bottom lines, client outcomes, and energy efficiency but how managers are driving asset value through ESG innovation, not least in turbulent economic times?

An energy use league table could save you millions


Sharing best practices on ESG strategies, members heard how gamification had helped one firm save $3 million in energy bills over three years.

Two-thirds of managers are providing rent relief to tenants. Retail and office worst affected

Asset Management

Requests for rent relief are primarily coming from retail tenants, however office and multifamily tenants are also asking for concessions as they deal with the impact of Covid-19 and shelter in place regulations, according to a new NAREIM member survey.

How to complete a multifamily value-add reno in one day


Imagine renovating an occupied apartment unit in one day, replacing the entire kitchen and the majority of bathroom components- all while the resident is at work. Now imagine turning around a 500+ apartment complex in less than six months. TGM Associates talks about their value-add in a day program.

Diversification and capital raising on the rise, but at what price efficiency?


Capital raised from defined contribution pensions is on the rise and interest in tapping this retail source has increased significantly. It's also a sign the industry is preparing for a move away from defined benefit plans. However, the costs - financial and organizational - are large.

4 steps to a strong corporate culture


Four key strategies can help create a culture that is satisfying personally and successful financially in logistics real estate firms, says Dermody Properties.

Talk Dirty Data to Me

Data & Technology

So your data is dirty, corrupted and you're unable to reconcile it. With data the new currency of business, you need to know how clean dirty data and keep it clean for the future.

Affordable housing is impact investing, not ESG


Understanding and defining impact investing can help investors succeed in this growing area - not least in the world of affordable housing.

The Comeback Kid: Brick and Mortar Retail Real Estate


Far from dead, retail stores are transforming and evolving as they are joined by online compatriots in search of customer loyalty and retention.

Domestic travel bans on rise as managers respond to coronavirus


A majority of real estate investment managers in the U.S. have banned international travel amid increasing concerns over coronavirus, while a growing number of firms are implementing essential-travel only rules domestically. NAREIM members have shared advice about travel policies, employee communications and workplace policies.

Future-proofing our portfolios


Effectively managing climate risk requires data-driven insights, standardized methodology and robust stakeholder engagement throughout the ecosystem of a portfolio. Anna Murray of BentallGreenOak explains their approach to long-term financial and operation resiliency.

Read the 2019 Fall Dialogues here


Investment managers are facing ever greater complexity - of product and capital to name just two. Over the past year, NAREIM members have shared insight and intelligence on some of these challenges, and best practices on how to mitigate risk and drive returns. We hear their stories in the fall issue of Dialogues.

For data to work, don't let IT own the strategy

Data & Technology

Real estate data strategies should follow one key piece of advice to succeed - it has to be owned by senior business leaders in the firm, not the IT group.

The NAREIM Data Strategy meeting, which took place in Chicago last week, heard it was critical for business leaders to take ownership of data initiatives, to clearly articulate the goals of a data strategy - and to fight for the resources needed to clean financial and operational data and to build the systems around it.

Taking a slice out of Apple's customization playbook.

Capital Raising

Nuveen Real Estate is looking to Apple's customization strategy to grow its sector-specific open-ended fund series. The key they say is listening to investor needs rather than just talking and selling.

The rise of ESG in real estate


Waiting on the sidelines may no longer be an option for real estate investors as our planet and our built environment are at risk.

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