The leader in association peer collaboration and engagement.

NAREIM is a small association for a reason – so you can candidly talk and network with your peers in the industry.

In 2021, NAREIM pays tribute to a 30-year history of honest and open conversation between peers by introducing a meeting program format focused purely on helping you engage, and share best practice advice, with fellow peers in your professional role, at your level of seniority.

Our meeting format is centered around small breakout group collaborative sessions where members:

  • Review live case studies from fellow members

  • Evaluate solutions, live and together, via a shared white board discussion

  • Report back and share best practices with the peer group to be applied in the short, medium and longer-term.

In 2021, NAREIM will deliver to every professional, at each of our member firms the following opportunities to connect, collaborate and engage:

  • 10 annual meetings – Acquisitions; Architecture & Engineering; Asset & Portfolio Management; Capital Raising & IR; Data Strategy; Executive Officer; Job Fair; Legal & Compliance; Sustainability and Talent Management – running from May to December 2021. See more information below, NAREIM Annual Meetings.

  • 19 virtual connections – Up to two meetings per year for the above functional areas, plus one virtual connection for Communications and Marketing professionals.


Upcoming Events

  • Sustainability 2021
    Mon, May 03
    Online Meeting
    May 03, 5:00 PM EDT – May 04, 4:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Data Strategy
    Mon, May 17
    Online Meeting
    May 17, 5:00 PM EDT – May 18, 4:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Asset & Portfolio Management
    Mon, May 31
    Online Meeting
    May 31, 5:00 PM EDT – Jun 01, 4:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Acquisitions 2021
    Mon, Jun 21
    Online Meeting
    Jun 21, 5:00 PM EDT – Jun 22, 5:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Architecture & Engineering
    Mon, Sep 20
    Online Meeting
    Sep 20, 5:00 PM EDT – Sep 21, 4:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Talent Management
    Mon, Oct 04
    Online Meeting
    Oct 04, 5:00 PM EDT – Oct 05, 4:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Executive Officer
    Tue, Oct 05
    Online Meeting
    Oct 05, 5:00 PM EDT – Oct 06, 4:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Legal & Compliance
    Wed, Nov 03
    Online Meeting
    Nov 03, 2:00 PM EDT
    Online Meeting
  • Capital Raising & IR Meeting
    Wed, Dec 01
    Online Meeting
    Dec 01, 5:00 PM EST – Dec 02, 4:00 PM EST
    Online Meeting


NAREIM meetings are open to NAREIM members only and their guests. For further information on attending meeting or other NAREIM discussions, please contact Stina Dakers, head of programming. Please note that any executive who is not a NAREIM member, guest of a member or working in the real estate investment management industry will not be admitted to NAREIM events. NAREIM reserves the right to decline any registration. By registering for NAREIM events, you are consenting to NAREIM’s privacy policy.

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