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The leader in REIM peer collaboration and engagement

NAREIM is a small association for a reason – so you can candidly talk and network with your peers in the industry.


NAREIM pays tribute to a 30-year history of honest and open conversation between peers with a meeting program format focused purely on helping you engage, and share best practice advice, with fellow peers in your professional role, at your level of seniority.

Our meeting format is centered around small breakout group collaborative sessions where members:

  • Review live case studies from fellow members

  • Evaluate solutions, live and together, in roundtable and small group conversations

  • Drive and create the content, digging deep into subjects few other associations cover, which impact your day-to-day work

Each year NAREIM delivers, to every professional at each of our member firms, the following opportunities to connect, collaborate and engage:

  • In-person and Virtual meetings: NAREIM provides in-person meetings as well as 60-minute virtual connections for 12 functional groups across the real estate investment management business, including:


  • Acquisitions; Architecture & Engineering; Asset Management; Capital Raising & IR; Data & Information Management; DEI; Executive Officer; Legal, Compliance & Risk; Marketing & Communications; Portfolio Management; Sustainability; Talent Management

Meeting Calendar

Meeting Testimonials

NAREIM hosts more than 15 meetings each year. In-person or virtually, each meeting is carefully and individually crafted to ensure members get the most out of their time. We create safe, small spaces where members can network and build strong, lasting relationships with peers. And we develop content that aids deep, genuine and authentic conversations. Read what NAREIM members have said about our peer-to-peer meetings.

"I liked how collaborative the meeting was. It wasn't like past conferences I've been to where you just sit still and get lectured too for hours on end. Kudos to NAREIM for facilitating such a constructive and iterative environment."

Data Strategy 2022 meeting attendee

"The opportunity to network with other black professionals in the industry was amazing. Seeing so many intelligent, like minded individuals in a room discussing our real estate in every aspect was amazing."

Black Real Estate Roundtable 2022 attendee

"The Sustainability Meeting was well planned with well presented sessions. Great networking. The organization and execution are best in class."

Sustainability 2022 meeting attendee

"I loved the topics. Loved the small format. Loved having the small group discussions and changing up the tables so everyone could have a chance to meet as many people as possible."

Asset & Portfolio Management 2022 meeting attendee

"A+ attendee list (could've been even smaller) and open forums for direct, candid conversations on what's truly affecting our industry today."

Executive Officer 2022 meeting attendee

"I really liked the interaction with so many peers and depth of the presentations."

Talent Management 2022 meeting attendee

"I like the fact that the topics are relevant and we take the time to do a deep dive. So many conferences move on after 30 minutes without actually delivering anything meaningful on a topic."

Executive Officer 2022 meeting attendee

"The biggest value-add for me [at NAREIM meetings] is to meet with and discuss current issues with fellow investment managers in a safe and collaborative environment."

Architecture & Engineering 2022 meeting attendee


Disclaimer: NAREIM meetings are open to NAREIM members only and their guests. For further information on attending meeting or other NAREIM discussions, please contact Sanyu Kyeyune, head of programming. Please note that any executive who is not a NAREIM member, guest of a member or working in the real estate investment management industry will not be admitted to NAREIM events. NAREIM reserves the right to decline any registration, at any time. By registering for NAREIM events, you are consenting to NAREIM’s privacy policy.

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