executive officer meeting

Join C-suite and executive managers to share and discuss best practices in business and leadership strategies and understand from peers the realities of scaling and growing the real estate investment management organization of today. 


Through roundtables and whole room conversations we dive into organization and business strategies and invite executives to share insights into what works, and what doesn't, as they grow their organizations for tomorrow. 


Day One - Tuesday, October 20

E-leader: How will you run your business in 2021?

Your team is dispersed. Remote and work from home is now a large part of your business plan and the processes upon which you’ve run your business for past the five, 10, and 20 years are being tested, fully, online among teams scattered around cities, regions, states and the world. You are Zoomed out.


So how are you reacting as an executive manager and leader? How are you leading your team today and, importantly, tomorrow? What are strategies for running the business beyond 2021? The NAREIM Executive Officer meeting discusses and shares real-time solutions for enterprise strategy and how to keep teams engaged and retained for the longer-term.


3pm: Welcome comments:

  • Amy Price, President, BentallGreenOak and outgoing NAREIM Chair 

  • Ryan Krauch, Partner, Mesa West and incoming NAREIM Chair

  • Zoe Hughes, CEO, NAREIM


3.15pm: Case study review – real-time solutions on remote leadership and dispersed workplaces

  • Real-time best practices on remote leadership. What works, what creates the most productive and engaged team and business environment – and most importantly, what doesn’t work and should be avoided.

    • Speaker: Aditya Sanghvi, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company


3.50pm: Networking break


4pm: How to be a better (hybrid remote) CEO? Five strategies for success

  • Exclusive: Proprietary survey of executive officer perspectives on leadership strategies, successes and failures during and after Covid-19. 

  • In pre-assigned groups, executive leaders discuss the five key trends among NAREIM leadership teams and the behavioral drivers that are most impacting team - and leadership - performance within real estate investment management organizations.

  • Each breakout group leader will take notes and report on their roundtable conversations, the insights from which will be aggregated into a special report available to NAREIM executive officer attendees. Video is highly recommended during breakout sessions. 

    • ​​Moderator: Dominic Cottone, Senior Managing Director and Executive Coach, FPL Associates 


5.15pm: Peer networking with NAREIM wine 

  • Welcome comments 

  • Format: Small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 20-minutes

  • Bring along your bottle of NAREIM wine and join other senior leaders to discuss Day One’s focus on leadership in 2020 and 2021.

Day Two - Wednesday, October 21


Planning the pipeline. Outmaneuvering Covid and planning for the future of your enterprise and investment strategy

2020 has been a year to remember. From lockdowns to historic job losses, and from reckonings over racial inequality to continued extreme weather events. There are challenges at every turn. So where do we start to look to solutions? Well, let’s start with the facts.


From the realities of Covid and the roadmap to a vaccine to understanding what the current pandemic means for your business and investment strategy. C-suite and executive management peers discuss how they are navigating Covid waters, before looking to the deal and revenue pipeline. 


3pm: Welcome comments


3.10pm: Peer-to-peer conversations: What’s on your mind?


Topic A: What’s in the (office) pipeline? 

Real-time data and anecdotal evidence on pipeline deals relating to U.S. office leasing transactions. Three leasing brokers provide on-the-ground and forward-looking intelligence about the office leasing market across key markets in the U.S. over the coming 3-6 months. 


The short intelligence briefings are followed by breakout group discussions of no more than 6 people, where executive officers discuss and report back on the near-term impact of Covid on office leases, TIs and valuations.

The intelligence briefings will discuss:

  • The leasing pipeline vs 2019 and a forward assessment of the market.

  • Leasing activity for leases with expirations since the start of COVID-19.

  • Emerging trends in term renewals, short-term extensions, contractions, expansions and tenant improvements. 

  • Trends in new non-renewal related leases versus 2019. Are volume, rates, TI requests trending positively, or negatively since the start of Covid-19?

    • NAREIM leaders:

      • Amy Price, President, BentallGreenOak

      • Jeff Newman, CFO, IDS Real Estate

      • Todd Everett, CEO, Principal Real Estate Investors​

    • Intelligence briefing speakers:

      • Kevin Granger, Executive Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

      • Peter G. Riguardi, Chairman and President, New York Region, JLL

      • Christopher Roeder, International Director, JLL


10-minute networking break


Topic B: Member-initiated discussion

4.45pm: Networking with NAREIM wine

  • Welcome comments:

    • Ryan Krauch, Partner, Mesa West and incoming NAREIM Chair

30 years in the making: NAREIM's former board of director chairs

  • BentallGreenOak, President, Amy Price ​(Chair: 2018-2020)

  • Prudential Financial, Inc. Chairman and CEO, Charlie Lowrey

  • Principal Global Investors, CEO, Pat Halter (Chair: 2009-2011)

  • The Brookdale Group, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Charles "Chip" Davidson

    • Moderator: Ryan Krauch, Partner, Mesa West Capital (Chair: 2020-2022)​

5pm: Open networking in small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 20-minutes


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2020 pLanning committee members

Peter DiCorpo, The Allen Morris Company

Amy Price, BentallGreenOak

Russ Bates, Cedar Hall Capital

June Munshi, CenterCap Group

David Donato, Senior Vice President, Continental Realty Group

Scott Brown, Fulcrum Global Investors

Jeff Newman, IDS Real Estate Group

Jane Page, Lionstone Investments

Ryan Krauch, Mesa West Capital

Joshua Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate

Todd Everett, Principal Real Estate Investors

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