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Executive Officer
Executive Officer
Sep 25, 2024, 2:00 PM CDT
Fort Worth, TX

Attendance limits: Please note, owing to demand and space constraints, no more than two attendees will be allowed per investment manager and only one attendee per underwriting member. 

Registration fee: $1,495

meeting schedule

Wednesday, Sept 25

  • 11am: NAREIM Board of Directors annual meeting (invitation only). Laney's Room, in the Bricks & Horses restaurant at the Bowie House hotel

  • 1.30pm: Go-karting @ the Texas Speedway, group activity.

    • Transportation will be provided to and from the Speedway. Meet in the Bowie House hotel lobby. We will arrive back at the hotel no later than 5.45pm.

    • The go-karts are powered by 270cc Honda engines, with each participant having three races in a Grand Prix-style competition between NAREIM members. Closed toe shoes are required.

  • 6.30pm: Networking dinner at Bricks & Horses restaurant at the Bowie House hotel. Dessert and drinks follow in the Bowie's Billet Room

Thursday, Sept 26

Location: Bowie House Hotel, 3700 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107

  • 8am: Breakfast in the Arcade & patio, at the Bowie House hotel

    • 8.50am: Meeting content, roundtables, workshops

    • 4.30pm: End of meeting 

  • 6.30pm: Networking dinner at the Woodshed Smokehouse, 3201 Riverfront Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107Uber codes will be provided

Friday, Sept 27

  • 7.30am-9.30am: Grab & go breakfast in the Mulberry Room at the Bowie House hotel

  • Departure

Check out the 2023 attendee list by clicking here.


Thursday, Sept 26

Location: Bowie House Hotel, 3700 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107


8am: Breakfast


8.45am: Opening comments

  • Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing and NAREIM Chair Emeritus

  • Zoe Hughes, NAREIM

8.55am: Welcome

  • Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital Group and NAREIM Chair

  • Bryan Thornton, PCCP and NAREIM Vice Chair

The industry is at an inflection point and is moving towards a new world order in terms of capital flows, org design and talent needs. What does that mean for your organization today – and in the next 10-15 years? The 2024 NAREIM Executive Officer meeting dives into three expert-led and member-focused group discussions covering:

  • Capital flows & new capital structures

  • Matching org design to new capital flows

  • Talent​​

9am: NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows introductions

  • Introduced by John Orrico, RealPage

9.10am: Capital flows & new capital structures: Are traditional investors and vehicles about to be replaced?

The current cycle has left plenty of question marks for managers and investors. Is the open-ended fund a lie? Is the duration of closed-ended funds merely a myth? Are institutional LPs no longer the future? If so, what will equity capital flows look like in five years’ time – or 10 to 15 years – and what vehicle structures will managers need to adopt in order to compete?


  • Part 1: Capital flows in 2030-2035: The future CRE investor stack

NAREIM members look at current and emerging investor demand and ask what products will be needed to meet demand over the next 5 to 10 years, covering investor composition and preferences for vehicle type, duration, sector and CRE’s value relative to other asset classes.


  • Part 2: Private wealth: The equity opportunity of a generation

Case studies and group discussions on the growth of alternatives and CRE in private wealth management, vehicle structure and operational considerations and the realities of capturing the retail investor.


Session leaders:

  • James Pinkerton, Bailard

  • Beth Zayicek, Invesco Real Estate

  • Brandon Sedloff, Juniper Square

10.45am: Break

11.05am: NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows introductions

11.15am: Matching org design to new capital flows: How will the industry adapt?

The industry faces an inflection point when it comes to capital flows. But it also faces a changing landscape in terms of sourcing, value creation, operations, data and ESG. So, what does it mean for org design and the real estate investment manager of the future? Through expert-facilitated discussions NAREIM members discuss industry trends in forward business plans and org design.


Session leaders:

  • Shawn Kimble, Barings Real Estate Advisors

  • Molly Bordonaro, Green Cities Company

12.15pm: Lunch

1.15pm: NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows introductions

1.20pm: Matching org design to new capital flows. How will you survive the next 15 years?

Continuing the conversation on org design, NAREIM members break into groups to discuss operational strategies and design for the coming 10-15 years, asking which characteristics will be most in demand for the capital and deals of the future, and where members are innovating.


Session leaders:

  • Bryan Thornton, PCCP

  • Thomas Beier, Pennybacker Capital

2.30pm: Break

2.50pm: Talent: What talent levers will drive the most enterprise value in the future?

So you know where the real estate investment manager of the future will raise capital and how they will shape their org design. But how will they shape their talent strategies?


Through group Q&A and roundtable work, members are asked: What are the most important levers of talent that will create value over the next 10-15 years? Diving into five components of talent, members are challenged on how organizations will be impacted if current practices fail to change. Talent levers include:


  • Compensation: Does compensation design need to change to align to the new value model?

  • Culture: Does culture eat org design for breakfast?

  • Performance metrics: How do managers measure success in the new org model?

  • Talent & capability: What new skills are required?

  • Leadership: How does the role of leadership change and what are the incentives and inspirations for the next generation of leaders?


Session leaders:

  • Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

  • Matt DeMonte, Revantage

  • Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital Group


4.10pm: Wrap up: What next for enterprise value?

As we review the conversations of the day, NAREIM members share their key takeaways from the day – and how they’re changing forward business plans to adjust to the new realities to come.


Session leaders:

  • Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

  • Bryan Thornton, PCCP

  • Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital Group


4.30pm: End of meeting


6pm: Networking dinner at the Woodshed Smokehouse, 3201 Riverfront Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107Uber codes will be provided

Fort Worth, TX

The NAREIM Executive Officer 2024 meeting will take place at the recently opened Bowie House hotel in Fort Worth, Texas:


Bowie House 

3700 Camp Bowie Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76107

NAREIM has secured 80 rooms at the rate of $475 per night, subject to taxes and fees. Rooms can be reserved by clicking the online reservation link below or by calling the number below:

When calling, please cite NAREIM Executive Officer to apply the discounted rate. All rooms are the same rate

Bowie suite.jpeg

2024 pLanning committee members

KRenaudin photo.jpg

kristin Renaudin

Stockbridge Capital

NAREIM Board Vice-Chair

Shawn Kimble_Barings.webp

shawn kimble

Barings Real Estate Advisors

Thomas Beier_Pennybacker.jpeg

thomas Beier

Pennybacker Capital

Bryan Thornton - BC_edited_edited.jpg

bryan thornton


NAREIM Board of Director

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.49.12 PM.png

Molly Bordonaro

The Green Cities Company

John. Orrico.jpeg

john orrico



Josh myerberg

Morgan Stanley Real Estate

NAREIM Board Chair

Beth Zayicek_Invesco.webp

beth Zayicek

Invesco Real Estate 


Matt deMonte


James Pinkerton_Bailard.jpeg

james pinkerton



Brandon sedloff

Juniper Square

Past agendas:





Refund policy

In the event of cancellation, NAREIM will honor a full refund of the registration fee, except where a hotel room under the NAREIM room block has also been booked by the member. 


NAREIM will work with the member to reallocate the room to other NAREIM members and attendees. However, if the room cannot be reallocated NAREIM will be charged for that room. If rooms cannot be reallocated to other members, NAREIM reserves the right to deduct the cost of the room from the meeting registration fee. Any remaining balance will then be issued as the refund.


NAREIM meetings are open to NAREIM members only and guests of NAREIM. For further information on attending meeting or other NAREIM discussions, please contact Zoe Hughes, CEO.


Please note that any executive who is not a NAREIM member or guest of a member/NAREIM, will not be admitted to NAREIM events. NAREIM reserves the right to decline any registration at any time. By registering for NAREIM events, you are consenting to NAREIM’s privacy policy.

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