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Executive Officer
Oct 04, 12:00 PM
Deer Valley

You attend meetings to network. At NAREIM, we honor the investment of your time by ensuring our networking, activities and content help you build personal relationships with peers, who are facing the same challenges and opportunities as you. 

The NAREIM Executive Officer meeting is just the place to build genuine relationships and friendships.


As we work to develop our roundtable and group discussion content, we are committed to ensuring your time is well spent. We invite you to come join fellow executive officer leaders in October.



Wednesday, October 4

  • 12pm: Lunch followed by 

  • 1.45pm: NAREIM members kick start the 2023 Executive Officer meeting with activities

Thursday, October 5

  • 6.45am: Morning hike

  • 8am-9am: Breakfast & start of meeting

  • 6pm: Networking drinks and dinner

Friday, October 6

  • 7am-9am: Breakfast & departure

Attendance limits: Please note, owing to demand and space constraints no more than two attendees will be allowed per investment manager member. We also ask that underwriting members send no more than one person to the 2023 meeting to allow for more NAREIM member firms to enjoy the EO experience.

To check out the 2022 attendee list, email Zoe Hughes, CEO


Wednesday, Oct 4

  • 12.45pm: Welcome lunch followed by group activity at the Olympic Park Village - activities may include alpine slides and tubing down the downhill practice ski slope. Meet at the Goldener Hirsch Hotel, Deer Valley.

  • 1.45pm: Transportation will be provided to the Olympic Park Village

  • 6.30pm: Networking drinks and dinner at the Goldener Hirsch


Thursday, October 5

  • 6.45am: Morning hike

  • 8am: Breakfast

  • 9am: Welcome comments

    • Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing & Chair of the NAREIM Board of Directors,​

    • Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital & Vice-Chair of the NAREIM Board of Directors

    • Zoe Hughes, NAREIM


  • 9.10am: Skills mismatch: What roles do you need right now and in 2033?

How do you hire talent today in preparation for the next cycle? Do you face a skills mismatch having hired too many transactions professionals? What about ESG? Tech? How do you think about your skills gap for the next decade?


NAREIM members share how they are thinking about their future organizational strategies, what skills they need and how to upskill existing talent. This session is conducted in two parts.​


  • Session leaders:

    • Julie Ingersoll, CBRE Investment Management 

    • Bobby Bransfield, Prologis


  • 25-min Q&A presentation: NAREIM members discuss real-time skills mismatch data as well as staffing trends cycle-over-cycle. Led by Lucy Bertsch and Scott McIntosh, Directors at Ferguson Partners, members review:

    • Staffing ratios by functional group per $1bn of AUM and per $10m of revenue, cycle-over-cycle

    • Real estate investment management EBITDA margin performance

    • Exploring why employee counts by functional group and seniority have not changed over the past decade

    • Understanding the roles most in demand today and the impact on compensation packages cycle-over-cycle


  • 75-mins: Peer discussions

    • Whole room format: Results from pre-meeting poll of attendees on current skills mismatches within REIM organizations – where are firms overweight/underweight on talent.

    • Roundtable format: Which functional roles/employees can be upskilled?

      • Each roundtable discusses how one functional group’s talents could be better utilized over the next decade and what additional roles or skills are needed to enhance the value to the organization.

      • What does it mean for your EBITDA margins in the long-run​


  • 10.40am: Break


  • 11am: Credit crunch 2023: What is the future cost of CRE debt?

Whatever the next cycle may bring, it’s likely to result in the use of less debt by real estate investment managers. But what does that mean for your portfolio and return? NAREIM members dive into a real-time update on the debt market – and discuss in whole room format what they expect the future capital stack to look like. 

  • Session leaders:

    • Michael Byrne, AEW Capital Management

    • Molly Bordonaro, The Green Cities Company

  • Member Q&A with 2-3 lenders

    • NAREIM members submit questions pre-meeting to the CRE lenders, who then walk through anonymized origination, restructuring and give-back case studies.

  • Whole room discussion:

    • What does the scarcity of capital mean for your portfolios and returns?

    • How are you pivoting your investment strategy and organization over the next 24 months and 5 years?

  • 12.15pm: Lunch

  • 1.30pm: What's on your mind?

NAREIM's annual what's on your mind session provides a safe space to candidly share front of mind issues.

  • Session leaders:

    • Josh Myerberg, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing

    • Kristin Renaudin, Stockbridge Capital


  • 2.15pm: Break

  • 2.35pm: Office conversion case study: “You can check in, but you can’t check out.”

It’s the Hotel California of CRE, however what is the risk of physical obsolescence for US office and what options (and opportunities) do investment managers have regarding conversion of their existing (underperforming) office assets? NAREIM members walk through an office conversion case study understanding financial, zoning and scalability challenges.


  • 3.15pm: Talent case studies

  • Session leaders:​

    • Matthew DeMonte, Revantage

    • Gemma Burgess, Ferguson Partners

  • 4.15pm: End of meeting​

  • 6.30pm: Networking drinks and dinner, High West Distillery @ Blue Sky Lodge

Friday, October 6

  • 7am-9am: Breakfast & departure

Note, all topics are draft and subject to change

2023 pLanning committee members

Chair: Josh Myerberg, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing 

Co-Chair: Kristin Renaundin, CFO, Stockbridge Capital

Mike Bryne, AEW Capital

Ryan Krauch, Affinius/USAA Real Estate

Julie Ingersoll, CBRE Investment Management

Gemma Burgess, Ferguson Partners

Molly Bordonaro, Green Cities Company

Ben Byrne, Lendlease

Bobby Bransfield, Prologis

David Stanford, RealFoundations

Matt DeMonte, Revantage


Josh Myerberg

Morgan Stanley REI

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.48.21 PM.png

Julie Ingersoll

CBRE Investment Mgt

Bobby Bransfield_headshot_edited.jpg

Bobby Bransfield


KRenaudin photo.jpg

Kristin Renaudin

Stockbridge Capital

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.48.48 PM.png

Gemma Burgess

Ferguson Partners

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.50.24 PM.png

David Stanford


Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.47_edited.jpg

Michael Byrne

AEW Capital

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.49.12 PM.png

Molly Bordonaro

Green Cities Company

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.50.53 PM.png

Matt DeMonte



Ryan Krauch

Affinius Capital (USAA)

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.49.49 PM.png

Ben Bryne


feedback from EO 2022

"So many conferences move on after 30 minutes without actually delivering anything meaningful on a topic. I like the fact that the topics are relevant and we take the time to do a deep dive."


"A+ attendee list (could've been even smaller) and open forums for direct, candid conversations on what's truly affecting our industry today."

"I wished some of the sessions were longer, particularly the compensation discussion."


"[It was good to know] that we're not alone with our challenges, both individually and as a company."

"[I took away that] talent is the lifeblood of our industry and keeping and retaining good people is something nobody has figured out yet."

"Intimate nature; open and interactive discussion; interesting topics."

"Every one of us are experiencing the same challenges and by collaborating, we can work towards fine tuning our approaches."


"[This is a] great platform to interact with the best minds in the real estate investment industry and small group for better conversations.

GOldener Hirsch

The NAREIM Executive Officer meeting will take place at the Goldener Hirsch Hotel in Deer Valley, a 10-min drive from Park City. 

NAREIM's room block has filled. To be added to the waitlist, email Zoe Hughes.


In the meantime, please find alternative hotels and lodge accommodation below. NAREIM does not have a room block with any of the following locations:

Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 1.50.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 1.53.39 PM.png

Past agendas




NAREIM meetings are open to NAREIM members only and their guests. For further information on attending meeting or other NAREIM discussions, please contact Zoe Hughes, CEO. Please note that any executive who is not a NAREIM member, guest of a member or working in the real estate investment management industry will not be admitted to NAREIM events. NAREIM reserves the right to decline any registration. By registering for NAREIM events, you are consenting to NAREIM’s privacy policy.

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