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Better Asset Forecasting

By Damien Georges, RealPage Inc.

Continuous cash flow forecasting can help managers improve the visibility of asset performance in real-time market conditions, thus improving decision-making and outcomes.

Real estate asset managers understand the importance of making informed investment decisions. But what happens when the market takes an unexpected turn? That’s when continuous cash flow forecasting is most valuable to project future cash flows based on past and current financial data from sources including rental income, property expenses and market trends. 

Continuous cash flow forecasting is a process that involves regularly updating and analyzing financial projections based on the most up-to-date financial data. Unlike quarterly cash flow, which is a periodic analysis, continuous cash flow is a more frequent and ongoing process. It enables managers to monitor financial performance in real time and make adjustments as market conditions change. Continual updates can include changes in market leasing assumptions, budget assumptions or specific leasing events.

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