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ICAP Grocery Trends 2014, 3rd Quarter Report



Executive Summary

The grocery business is one of the largest industries in the U.S. economy. In 2013, sales from traditional grocery stores alone totaled $579 billion.1 If grocery and other consumable sales from non-traditional grocery stores are included, such as from supercenters (e.g. Walmart Supercenter) and wholesale clubs (e.g. Costco), the total market exceeded $1.13 trillion last year 2, or over 20% of total retail and food services sales. As consumer preferences have evolved over the years, so has the list of operators and shopping venues. This article will address some of the news and trends impacting today’s grocery industry. These trends not only impact grocers but also commercial real estate owners that depend on these businesses as shopping center anchors.

Topics in this issue:  Consumer Tastes – where they like to shop
  • Grocery Business ‚Äì multiple channels
  • Corporate Moves ‚Äì consolidation and growth
  • Growth Plans ‚Äì evolving retail concepts
  • Sustainability ‚Äì a growing trend
 (To read the full report, click here.)
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