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NAREIM Dialogues: Turning Data into Deals, Spring 2019 issue

NAREIM is the home of investment and business strategy for real estate investment managers. But while NAREIM’s content focuses on the future of investment and strategies for real estate investment management firms, the association is more than that. NAREIM, as a community of members, is about a spirit of questioning that allows for best practices to be shared among peers; it is about a willingness to learn from one another in the search for additional value; and it is the understanding that the answers we have in mind today may not be the ones that will work tomorrow. This editorial questioning, this editorial integrity, is something you’ll see throughout our work at NAREIM — including in this new version of our biannual magazine. NAREIM Dialogues Spring 2019 In this issue, our members explore strategies for strong corporate culture, as well as share best practices relating to parental guarantors for student housing, the impact of Gen Z on brick-and-mortar stores, and driving NOI growth through ESG. We also speak with the real estate COOs of BlackRock, Intercontinental, Invesco, and Nuveen about how they are scaling their platforms in an era of consolidation, and how data is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces. Of course, we know that the answer for one firm will not necessarily be the solution for another. But without those conversations and without that spirit of questioning that has been at the heart of NAREIM’s history — and future — we would all be so much poorer. We invite you to enjoy the conversation. Zoe Hughes, CEO, NAREIM
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