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Resume Book 2023: 500 students from 41 schools

NAREIM Resume Book 2023

December 15, 2023

The 2023  NAREIM Resume Book has been launched - and we invite members to access the resumes of almost 500 students from 41 schools across the U.S.

There are two ways to access the 2023 Resume Book - through the NAREIM website, see the link below. Or if your cyber security settings don't allow access, you can also download the Book from NAREIM's Dropbox account. See the links below. 

Note, given the size of the file we cannot share a PDF directly. 

2023 NAREIM Resume Book

In the 2023 edition, almost 500 undergraduate and graduate students submitted their resumes for NAREIM members from 41 schools - a range of institutions never before seen. 

Schools included:

  • Atlanta; Arizona State; California; Chapman; U. Southern California; U. Chicago; Clemson; CUNY; Colorado Boulder; Columbia; Cornell; DePaul; Emory; Fisk; Florida; Georgia; Harvard; Houston; Indiana; John Hopkins; UC London; Marquette; Maryland; Miami; MIT; Morehouse; Nevada; New York; North Carolina; Northwestern; Notre Dame; Ohio State; Roosevelt; San Antonio; San Diego; Texas A&M; Texas Austin; Villanova; Virginia; Washington; Wisconsin-Madison.

How to contact students:

To contact any of the students, please email them directly at the contact information provided by the student, citing you received their resume through NAREIM and the NAREIM Resume Book.


Also remember the NAREIM Jeff Barclay Fellows class of 2023-24 was announced in October this year. The final five Fellows included:

  • Brendan Keen, Columbia University

  • Blair Steele, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Megan Lawlor, NYU

  • Neeva Strestha, Roosevelt University

  • William Harris, SMU

The Fellows attended the 2023 Executive Officer meeting held in Park City in October and have been assisting NAREIM with meetings since being named to the Class of 2023-24. They were part of 69 real estate graduate students who applied to be Fellows.

To contact the NAREIM Fellows - or any of the 69 students who applied to be part of the Fellowship - you can access their resumes, through this link. 

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