Join NAREIM's legal and compliance meeting to dive into industry best practices covering issues such as regulatory updates, investor vs. asset due diligence, conflict of interest and ESG. 


Day One: Tuesday, November 17

Covid, retention and balancing the legal, ethical and personal needs of returning employees to the office.

Returning to the office – and the strategies and policies put in place to help people return and remain remote – could prove to be the biggest tool investment managers employ in retaining their best talent. Through whole room discussion and breakout groups.

4:00pm: Welcome comments​

Stina Dakers, Head of programming, NAREIM

4:05pm: Peer-to-peer conversations with live polling

Topic A: Where are you now?​

  • What percentage of your employees are currently fully back in office?

  • If you were to reopen next week, how will employee feel about returning to work?

  • What is your target date for having at least 50% or more of your workforce back into the office?

  • Are you offering flexible work schedules more permanently?

4:15pm: Breakout Groups

In groups of no more than four people, attendees discuss:

  • How are you ensuring employees don't feel pressured to return to the office and undertake business travel?

4:30pm: Open-ended group discussion

Topic B: As we look ahead, what's on your mind? 

During a whole room conversation, attendees and members discuss the following issues and ask questions about pressing issues they are currently facing.

  • How are you doing your job effectively?

  • What are you changing about your own compliance strategies as you look ahead?

​5pm: Peer networking for 45-mins: Top 10 most likely impacts of the 2020 election

  • Keynote conversation on the Top 10 most likely impacts of the 2020 U.S. general election.

    • What will be the most likely things on the agenda of the U.S President from January 2021? We compile a Top 10 checklist of issues that will most likely emerge from Washington DC in the coming years.

    • Format: Small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 15-minutes

    • Bring along your favorite drink and join other senior legal and compliance leaders to discuss Day One’s focus on retention and returning to the office

  • Speakers:

    • Stephanie Monaco, Partner, Mayer Brown

    • Jeff Bruns, Partner, Mayer Brown

    • Ryan Severino, Chief Economist, JLL

Day two: thursday, November 19

Due diligence in a virtual world

We are in a hybrid world, neither fully remote nor fully back in the office. So how do our traditional due diligence processes and policies adapt to the new abnormal, not least when it comes to onboarding new institutional investor relationships? What are real estate investment managers successfully doing to ease the process for LPs and themselves, and what have been unexpected challenges to overcome.

4pm: Welcome comments

4:10pm: Consultant perspectives

What’s the right protocol for on-boarding investors and conducting due diligence? How do you navigate traditionally in-person meetings and what's the best format and structure for capital raising meetings and due diligence work? We dive into consultant perspectives on the new risk appetite of how to onboard and conduct due diligence in today's environment and understand what is working - and what doesn't.

Format: Whole room conversation discussing investor and consultant experiences, with whole group feedback.

  • Investor and consultant perspectives include:

    • Ken Munkacy, Senior Managing Director, Kingbird Properties (Grupo Ferré Rangel family office)

    • Jay Morgan, Partner, StepStone Real Estate 

5pm: Peer networking

  • Welcome comments 

  • Format: Small group breakouts, randomly rotated after 20-minutes


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2020 pLanning committee members

  1. Wendy Dodson Gallegos, Mayer Brown

  2. Jennifer Cattier, Neuberger Berman (Chair)

  3. Erin Ankin, Waterton Associates

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