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Asset repricing pronounced over next 6 to 18m

NAREIM’s Fall 2022 issue of Dialogues is out now, highlighting the current market slowdown and how the deceleration in demand is a more pressing issue than inflation, supply chain challenges and geopolitics. Download your complimentary copy today.

The winners and losers of office post-Covid

As available office supply outweighs demand, occupiers will have their pick of the litter — adding greater downside for the losers, but creating greater upside potential for those buildings that are best positioned to capture a larger slice of what looks to be a smaller pie. American Realty explains the post-Covid research on US office.

5 drivers of residential investment

Residential is no longer just mutlifamily. It's student, co-living, single family and fueled by 5 key drivers for the future. Nuveen Real Estate explain what's driving the future of the property type.

Deals are today are almost all off-market

January 22, 2021. Sellers are no longer going out to the full market with a transaction. Instead, brokers and sellers are concentrating on certainty of execution by going out to a select group of potential buyers. NAREIM Acquisitions meeting key takeaways

Busting the urban myth. Suburban office markets do outperform CBD

Bailard challenges the urban myth that CBD office provides higher nominal and relative returns over suburban assets presenting a comprehensive analysis of income, appreciation and total returns by market - and highlighting the missed opportunity.

NAREIM CEO: 'All Dislocations Provide Unique Opportunities’

Commercial Property Executive article: Zoe Hughes touches on the specific challenges COVID-19 presents for investment managers, landlords and tenants, and shares solutions that can mitigate the pandemic’s impact.

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