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Data Strategy

Data governance are the brakes on the car - they make you go faster

Sept 15, 2023: Data governance should be sold to C-suite and the business by comparing it to the brakes on a car: a tool to help the firm move even faster. And in a world of AI, those guardrails are critical. Read the takeaways from the Data & Information Management meeting.

Verifying and manipulating data are biggest pain points for managers, but little process around compliance

The NAREIM Data Strategy meeting polled members on the greatest data pain points - verifying results, manipulating data, populating templates and acquiring information came out highest. Read the results and key takeaways from the meeting.

Data with a global mission: Bouwinvest discusses climate, automation and Python

For Bouwinvest, ESG data is an investment prerequisite and its global standardization an industry goal. But that's not the only place they're pushing managers. Robert Wagenaar speaks to Juniper Square about automation, Python and its data vision.

Governance, ownership and pain points. Meeting presentations

Data strategy meeting 2020 presentations. The meeting highlighted best practices on data governance and automation and integration. Also see the results of live polling from the 2020 meeting.

Half of managers have dedicated Chief Security executive; one-third require multifactor authentication in-office

73% of managers have dedicated or designated Chief Information or Chief Security officer, with half creating a standalone position within their firm, NAREIM member survey shows.

How to prevent gaps in tenant exposure data: Get tenants to fill in their own NAICS code

Getting real-time tenancy exposure has been challenging. And it’s all been down to the lack of five or six digits in your reporting systems: the NAICS codes. NAREIM explore best practices on how to fill in the data gaps.

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