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A&E Professional Development Workshop launched, 100+ resources listed

NAREIM Architecture & Engineering meeting: Professional Development Workshop

September 22, 2023

NAREIM has produced a list of professional development resources crowdsourced by member firms and their lead A&E professionals.

With insights from investment managers only, and covering tools for self-development and for growing your teams, the list is intended to be a living document available to all NAREIM members.

The list is thanks to the work of the NAREIM Architecture & Engineering Committee and was conducted during NAREIM’s 2023 Architecture & Engineering meeting, held in Chicago on Sept 20-21, in a special managers-only content track. This will be a living document available on the NAREIM website, which will be developed further as we continue to expand our professional development resources and share with our membership.

The list covers the Certifications, Training, Events, Publications, Personal & Technical Skills that A&E-focused managers need to know.

Download the professional development resources here.

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